Social Media Tools Gaining Popularity with Corporate Travel Professionals

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American Express Business Travel

Christa Degnan Manning

BusinessTravelConneXion Alicia Tillman

Social Media Finds a Role

  • 42 percent use social networking to look for preferred vendors and services from travelers;
  • 34 percent seek to uncover travel patterns that could lend to better vendor rates and services;
  • 27 percent look to gain visibility into traditionally siloed business functions/departments;
  • 26 percent use social media tools to encourage travelers to network with each other;
  • 18 percent network with other travel manager/procurement officer peers.

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Seeking Customization and Oversight

  • Real time updates such as a mobile application or the ability to push out notifications and alerts (39 percent);
  • Supervision of the entire social media sharing process and specific monitoring of those who are using social media tools (35 percent);
  • Reporting ability, such as notification of Web site abuse, comments and security issues (29 percent).

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