Veteran Travelers Just as Drawn to New Collaboration Technologies as Gen Yers, Study Finds

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New York — September 22, 2010 —

American Express Business Travel Institute of Travel and Meetings (ITM)

1. An Alternative to Travel:

2. An Enabler of Travel:

Current Technology — Alternative or Enabler

  • 48 percent of travelers say ROI from face-to-face is significantly higher than conducting a meeting via alternative methods.
  • 59 percent of travelers are offered options for internal meetings, as buyers aim to help employees stay within policy and achieve business objectives.
  • 63 percent of buyers cite cost reduction as the number one reason to adopt new technology within business travel over the past three years, and 32 percent of travelers say continued cost reduction to bottom line will have biggest impact over the next three years.
  • 34 percent of travelers and 27 percent of buyers believe productivity was a key component in the decision-making process to offer technology alternatives to travel over the past three years.

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Barriers to Implementing Technology-based Travel Options

  • Only 13 percent of buyers are responsible for mobile/technology procurement related to business travel, 22 percent have some influence and 64 percent have none at all.
  • 56 percent of buyers feel procurement of certain mobile communication should be linked with travel procurement; the contrast between this number and those actually involved shows the organizational disconnect between internal stakeholders.

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Tips for Travel Managers

1) Stay In Tune with the Traveler

2) Please the Client

3) Justify Your Investment

4) Communication is Key

5) Support from Suppliers