Capital Becoming Competitive Differentiator for Large Companies

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New York — March 29, 2011 — Deloitte

Ajit Kambil

The Inflation Inflection

Sovereign Debt Threat

Robert N. Campbell III

More Findings

  • Though there is $9 trillion in cash reserves across the world's 9,000 largest companies, these reserves are unevenly distributed and mainly reside in the financial services industry, with only about $2 trillion of cash outside financial services. Unless this cash is deployed to refinance companies, there is a potential deficit in refinancing non-FSI debt.
  • The Americas account for most of the maturing debt, with $5.7 trillion out of $11.5 trillion globally. Asia has the lowest magnitude of debt, but also has the highest proportion of outstanding debt maturing, with 69 percent set to mature in the next five years. Similar patterns of increasing debt maturities across the world suggest intensifying global competition for capital.
  • According to recent global CFO surveys, 62 percent of CFOs plan to maintain or increase their debt level over the next three years, and 50 percent plan to use their existing cash reserves to pay down debt.

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