Companies Shifting From Recovery to Growth, but Hiring Will Likely Continue to Lag

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New York — April 19, 2011 — Deloitte CFO Signals

Top-line Focus

Sanford Cockrell III

Obstacles to Growth

Greg Dickinson

  • Only 16 percent of CFOs are less optimistic than they were the previous quarter — the lowest level recorded in the four quarters of the Deloitte survey.
  • CFOs expect significant changes in their sources of growth over the next year as compared to the period prior to the financial crisis and recession. Almost three quarters (73 percent) of CFOs expect increased revenue from new products and services, and 68 percent expect foreign markets to generate more revenue.
  • More than half of CFOs (56 percent) expect their companies' prices to increase over the next year than prior to the recession, driven in part by expectations of rising commodity prices. More than 80 percent of CFOs expect commodity price increases over the next year.
  • Revenue growth from existing markets is the most prevalent company challenge, cited by more than half of CFOs (55 percent) as a top three concern. One-third of CFOs cite revenue growth from new markets as a top challenge, and another third cite framing and/or adapting strategy.
  • CFOs are very concerned about government's impact on their growth plans, particularly tax policies (especially around the tax code and the repatriation of earnings) and healthcare reform, which they view as unnecessarily burdensome.


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