CFOs Say Deals Will Flow, Revenues Will Grow

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New York — May 18, 2011 — American Express/CFO Research Global Business & Spending Monitor

Janey Whiteside American Express Corporate Payment Solutions

Today Looks Bright, Tomorrow Looks Brighter

Seizing Opportunities, Striking Deals

  • 68 percent will use cash to expand operating activities and headcount.
  • 65 percent plan to increase capital spending.
  • 63 percent aim to pay down debt.

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  • 76 percent will conduct more rigorous due diligence of M&A opportunities.
  • 71 percent will require a detailed business case to increase spending on headcount and operating activities.
  • 70 percent will analyze capital investments more fully.

Spending to Drive Revenues

Customer Service Revitalized

  • Customer satisfaction (39 percent)
  • Customer retention and loyalty (39 percent)
  • Effectiveness of customer service investments (34 percent)
  • Customer service performance (33 percent)

On The Road Again