How to Deliver the Bad News

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By Patrick Bower, with Glen Fossella

"The Tyranny of Positivity"

Ten Tips for Delivering the Bad News

1) Ask for permission to be reality based.

2) Make sure any presentation is fact-based.

3) Pre-circulate all content.

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4) Socialize the bad news in advance.

5) Avoid negative or editorial words.

6) Always define the prevailing trends.

7) Bring other facts to the table.

8) Create a "bad news sandwich."

9) Do not fight. your

10) Do not fudge, fake, guess or have an agenda.

Advice for Sales and Marketing

1. Accept that one of two things broke badly.

2. Do NOT pre-circulate content.

3. Get under the hood with S&OP.

4. Leave the pig lipstick on the dresser.

5. Focus on the "why."

6. Create a "good news sandwich."

7. Do not fight.

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