The End of IT as We Know It

IT-driven investment is a thing of the past, and companies must invest information technology budgets in their businesses, Gartner counsels

  • The use of external service providers will continue to grow; strategic sourcing and supply/demand alignment will become critical processes.

  • Enterprise partnerships will become a critical focus of IT value.

  • The growing business focus of IT value and business transformation requires new leadership styles.

  • The scope and importance of IT continue to grow in all industries and geographies, despite threats to its credibility.

  • Business pressures for consolidation and federalization increase IT technical and relationship complexity. Application integration and architecture are vital inside and outside the enterprise.

Organizational and Business Models for the Future

Leadership Road Map and Priorities

  • Build capabilities in business process design, delivery and transformation.

  • Blend capabilities in business and technology throughout the organization.

  • Deliver business outcomes, not technology outputs, and use a service-oriented organization.

  • Exploit and business connectedness internally and externally.