Metric of the Month

chart of costHow does your organization's supply chain processes compare to top performers? How much could your organization save by improving its supply chain operations?

To answer these important questions with accurate and actionable information, participate in the Open Standards Benchmarking CollaborativeSM (OSBC) research. Visit to begin benchmarking your organization's performance against top performers and other respondents.

Participating organizations receive custom reports that identify improvement opportunities so you can sharpen your organization's competitive advantage. This powerful information can be used to establish improvement priorities, set goals for performance and understand how your organization compares to others both within and beyond their industry. Supply chain professionals are encouraged to complete any and all supply chain online surveys focused on customer order management, logistics, manufacturing, new product/service development, and procurement. In fact, participants gain access to more than 180 supply chain measures.

As an objective third party, nonprofit APQC serves as the sole custodian of the OSBC database, which guarantees confidentiality. Plus, all metrics are validated, normalized, and aggregated to ensure participants gain apples-to-apples comparisons.

To learn more about the benefits you can reap from participating in these supply chain surveys, please visit The sample report will show you the valuable information that you will gain by submitting a completed survey. You will also find instructions on how to get started, a list of the measures that are collected in each survey, and more. For assistance or more information, please contact APQC by phone at 800-776-9676 (+01-713-681-4020) or via e-mail at

Please visit this Web page again for more examples of supply chain performance data.