Value of Ocean, Inter-country Truck Freight Seen Set to Soar

With oil prices high, shippers look to more cost-effective configurations for their supply chain, Colography Group finds

$10.2 trillion in 2006

Oil a Factor

Service Improvements for Surface

  • Despite comparative market share erosion, the value of airfreighted goods (excluding domestic services) will rise by nearly $290 billion in 2006. "Demand for airfreight services will remain robust, and it will play an integral role in maintaining a positive environment for global trade next year," Scherck said.

  • Western Europe will lead the nine "Colography World Areas" in transborder air export activity, accounting for 48.1 percent of all tonnage and 52.1 percent of all value.

  • An estimated 99.46 percent of all global transborder tonnage will move by surface transportation in 2006, virtually flat over 2005. Air weight as a percent of total transborder global trade will be 0.54 percent. Air's share of world tonnage is expected to gradually decline in the years ahead.

  • Of the nine Colography world areas, only Asia, South America and Western Europe are projected to export more air tonnage than they import. Africa, Australia & Oceania, and North America will be the leading net air importers.

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