Supply Chain Event

Type: Conference/Expo
Date: 11/26/13 12:00 AM CT - 11/27/13 12:00 AM CT
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Supply Chain Event, an international exhibition for solutions and tools to optimize the flow of goods, gathers over 100 suppliers of solutions and technologies covering all aspects of the supply chain and 3,000 professionals. The trade show will feature 32 conference sessions with a central theme: supply chain management, the vehicle for profitability¬Ě. Even if one recognizes the essential role of supply chain management in corporate operational performance, the positive impact on the bottom line is sometimes overlooked: optimizing resources leading to reductions in costs, less stocks resulting in an improvement in working capital, increased customer satisfaction (producing increased sales) and developing agility to gain market share. Four professional sectors will serve to illustrate the proposition: food processing, aerospace, e-commerce and specialized distribution.