Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine (AMEE UK Ltd.)

Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine (AMEE UK Ltd.)

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Avoiding Mass Extinctions Engine (amee) was founded in 2008 to fight climate change by helping businesses and governments leverage data on a mass scale to easily measure their environmental impact. The company's name stated clearly its mission focus to help organisations mitigate and adapt to climate change. Amee’s focus remains on helping such businesses cope with this new reality yet our approach is now more sophisticated, scalable and impactful for its community, clients and planet.

Increasing resource constraints, regulation and stakeholder demands pose significant challenges and risks for organizations. Open access to information has long been a key driver of innovation and prosperity. The Internet has accelerated this trend by improving the flow of information and catalysing networks for collaboration. Amee leverages these forces to improve sustainability by creating a unique and open network where every organization, starting with 2.1 million in the UK, can update, compare and share environmental data for free.

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