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Kiva Systems


Kiva delivers Mobile-robotic Warehouse Automation systems for pick, pack and ship operations that use simple robotic drive units to bring inventory to workers.  With Kiva, there's no walking and no waiting. Kiva’s complete hardware and software solution enables short cycle times with reduced labor requirements to consistently achieve world class productivity, accuracy and flexibility.

  • 300 Riverpark Drive
  • North Reading, MA 01864
  • USA
  • Phone: 781-221-4640
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  • Fax: 781-221-3077
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Mobile Fulfillment System

Product From Kiva Systems

Kiva's automated storage and retrieval system is an AS/RS like no other because it is a truly integrated inventory storage, quality control and order fulfillment system. What if every item in your warehouse could walk and talk on its own? What if your warehouse automation systems were flexible, quick to implement and easy to use? What if your AS/RS could handle products of all shapes and sizes? What if the products could come to the operator exactly when needed? What if your warehouse automation was embraced by all the order pickers in your distribution center because they can pick any item, anywhere, at any time? What if an AS/RS didn't look or act like a traditional automated storage and retrieval system? What if it was applicable to more operations? What if it was just plain better?

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