Company Details:
75 Federal Street
Suite 920
Boston, MA 02110 USA

Phone: 617-263-0080
Fax: 617-263-0450

ToolsGroup is an innovation partner for companies who want to achieve highly accurate demand forecasts, outstanding customer-service levels and less global inventory.

Our Supply Chain Planning and Predictive Demand Analytics software models the demand signal across multiple dimensions so customers master demand volatility and achieve excellent service levels. Our unique “Powerfully Simple” approach supports highly intelligent decision-making, combined with ease-of-use. It makes planning easier and more productive, because the system is able to do more of the work on its own.

Our solutions span key demand analytics and supply chain planning areas such as
Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Promotion Forecasting and Inventory Optimization. For more information on our offerings, please review the “Why We’re Different” menu items and our solution section.

We have more than 250 customers worldwide and one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry. Our experience includes manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers in a wide range of demand and inventory-driven industries.

Our North American headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts and our European headquarters is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We also have
offices in major cities throughout Europe and distribution partners around the world.

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