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2200 Georgetowne Drive
Suite 202
Sewickley, PA 15143 USA

Phone: 724-934-9400
Fax: 724-934-9420

ShipMatrix, Inc. is a developer of shipment visibility software solutions for the management of shipping operations. Its flagship solution, ShipMatrix is based on a patent pending business process.  ShipMatrix applications automate shipment visibility processes to help companies lower their shipping cost by identifying shortcomings in their shipping operation, failures on guaranteed delivery services of carriers, manifest errors, and much more.

ShipMatrix provides flexible shipment visibility solutions to track the four major parcel carriers, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and US Postal Service domestically and internationally as well as LTL.  ShipMatrix solutions demonstrate significant value for your business by providing you with the ability to monitor shipment status, analyze historical shipping data, and measure carrier performance, all of which play a key role in your ability to manage shipping costs.To accommodate shippers of all sizes, ShipMatrix, Inc. has developed solutions to meet each shipper’s unique needs. These solutions range in both functionality and scalability.


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