Syncada from Visa

Syncada from Visa

Company Details:
901 Marquette Avenue South
Suite 1800
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: 1-800-404-2744

Syncada from Visa is a joint venture between two of the most respected organizations in the financial industry, Visa and U.S. Bank. Our mission is simple: to build an open, global payment network that banks can offer to their corporate and government clients, as a more efficient way to pay and be paid.


Syncada’s technology is based upon the PowerTrack platform, a software-as-a-service payment system created by U.S. Bank. Syncada extends the vision of both Visa and U.S. Bank to provide companies and governments a way to replace inefficient, paper-based accounts payable and accounts receivable processes with an integrated, fully electronic financial supply chain platform.



Our solution is only offered through banks, and is the result of our employees’ deep knowledge of the challenges faced by financial institutions and their customers. We base our product development efforts on actual user feedback from our clients, so we can meet these challenges with innovative technology that provides flexible, customized, invoice processing, payment, and financing options.



Syncada from Visa

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