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Aankhen Inc.


Reliance on increasing import of goods manufactured offshore requires end-to-end visibility of the physical and financial supply chain. Yet, as Aankhen sees it, existing visibility solutions are focused on the wrong end of the financial and physical supply chain. Aankhen offers a physical supply chain visibility solution using RFID and GPS technologies to create real-time visibility into where your inventory or assets are in the world exposing blind spots not covered by EDI transactions. Spend management in financial supply chains is an after-the-fact backward-looking process. Aankhen enables companies to determine what they should be spending so that they can plan and execute to a financial strategy, particularly when they face renegotiations in light of rising fuel costs and a falling dollar. Aankhen offers automated "Shouldbe Cost" computation solutions that provide financial visibility and insight to "total cost of procurement" at a part level, influencing sourcing decisions, logistics and working capital management.

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Aankhen Inc.’s SeeTrak platform delivers industry’s most advanced personal and supply chain visibility, security, and cold chainl monitoring of assets using GPS/RFID/GPRS devices and deviceless tracking using OCR technologies. Track your supply chain assets or monitor the safety of your employees or family. The solution is available as an on-demand SaaS service. The automated and accurate data captured by SeeTrak enables new supply chain 2.0 functionality not possible before. SeeTrak’s fact based intelligence (FBI) delivers supply chain process monitoring and alerts enabling proactive management of supply chain risk while improving quality of service to enterprise customers, 3PLs, and the insurance industry.

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