What Do You Get Out of Your Supply Chain Organization Membership?

New Year. New topics. For some, even new beginnings.

Whether 2013 sparked a need for change within your personal relationships or business aspects, now’s the time to identify what your goals are for the year ahead and execute them.

For some in the supply chain, this could mean re-evaluating your memberships to the professional organizations and associations in your industry.

Have you been a member of a group for years but just aren’t seeing the ROI you were hoping for anymore? Perhaps you’re looking to join a group to build your network base? The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), the Supply Chain Council (SCC), The Association for Operations Management (APICS)—whatever the case, there truly is a plethora of networks to choose from within the global supply chain.

So tell me: What organization or association are you a part of? Is there one that should gain more awareness this year? Perhaps you’re a member of a group that is really implementing some ground-breaking industry awareness on a particular topic? And if so, what benefits have you gained thus far in being a member of that organization?

This year, we at Supply & Demand Chain Executive want to “up” the awareness on supply chain education to provide you with the education, networks and skills you’re looking for.

The topic’s on the table. What’s your feedback?

Natalia Kosk

Associate Editor

Supply & Demand Chain Executive