Breaking the Language Barrier

The first step of every sales transaction is communication; the better the communication, the better the chance of a sale occurring, and the better the communication during and after a sale, the better the chance of another sale occurring. To boost the sale of a product or service, a customer must first understand it—whether by reading about it via website or social media platform, or speaking with a company representative or somebody else who knows about it.

About 73 percent of the world’s online population is made up of non-native English speakers, so in order to get those potential customers to learn about your product or service, you need to overcome the burden of the language barrier. Using e-commerce, even small companies can easily expand their global reach, but if their online platform only caters to English-speaking consumers, they’re only communicating with about 27 percent of the global consumer base. This is the reason that the demand for language services technology continues to climb alongside a 19 percent increase in international e-commerce sales.


Yappn with Potential Customers

Yappn is a real-time language services technology company that specializes in helping brands and online communities connect on multiple digital platforms without a language barrier. Recently, it launched a new e-commerce platform that covers the entire transactional experience—from pre-sales marketing and brand messaging to e-commerce search to shopping cart checkout and post-sales support—all in a customer’s native language.

According to Yappn CEO David Lucatch, “Yappn breaks down communication silos, helping brands to scale their business globally online—be it through social media, e-commerce sales and/or support services—and allows for people with similar interests, likes and ideas to converse without a language barrier. Yappn provides companies with the ability to communicate better on a global scale with new and existing customers, leading to immediate financial growth opportunities.”

Based in New York, Yappn is a real-time multilingual company that amplifies brand messaging, helps conduct commerce and provides customer support by globalizing consumer experiences with its proprietary approach to language. Yappn allows the free flow of communications in nearly 70 languages through its technology tools and services, which create dynamic solutions that enhance a brand’s messaging, media, and e-commerce and support platforms.

Lucatch says, “We saw a huge growth opportunity for companies to expand their global sales reach by being able to communicate with customers in their native language throughout the transaction experience [marketing, sales and support] and that’s why we developed Yappn’s e-commerce offering. With the help of Yappn’s real-time language services technology, a variety of brands now have the ability to access new markets and increase revenue streams.

“When you look at the U.S. market, where is the growth area,” he asks. “The Hispanic market. What better way to connect with that growth sector than to converse with them in their native language? In reverse, global regions (Europe, Asia, etc.) want to access U.S. commerce, and Yappn provides them a partner to authentically connect and grow revenue.”


How Yappn Works

“Yappn is built from the ground up on a cloud-based system to maximize speed and efficiencies in delivering language services,” explains Lucatch. “From there, our proprietary algorithms and lexicons (based on individual businesses and/or verticals) work to understand the meaning and interpretation of the message or sales inquiry on a number of levels, and then to return in real time the meaning and spirit of the message, not just the literal translation.”

The technology is more accurate than your basic online translators because it goes beyond word-for-word translation to more elaborately infer the intended message for more fluid communication. Lucatch says, “The technology of Yappn gets more accurate as our systems learn from user experiences and update lexicons. With the use of our proprietary algorithms, the message is translated by identifying the core focus as well as the literal translation.”

Another benefit of the Yappn technology is that it is customized to the needs of each user and integrates freely into existing platforms. “Yappn’s language services technology can be integrated into a brand’s social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), e-commerce suites and customer support programs,” adds Lucatch. “With Yappn, there is no cutting and pasting, waiting for someone to interpret a message, or sending a message out for translation.”

Yappn has nearly 70 languages in its arsenal, spanning from those that are widely spoken to those that are less recognized. According to Lucatch, “The vast majority of online global conversations happens in 13 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Russian. The most common languages we translate into are English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and German.”


Yappn vs. Eight Interpreters

If a company looking to break the language barrier decided to hire an interpreter for the same services that Yappn provides, Lucatch compares it like this, “A potential customer would need in and around eight people per language in staffing/hours/responsibilities allocation to cover a 24/7 environment that includes marketing, sales and support. This is a tremendous burden to most growing enterprises. Yappn allows enterprises to expand globally without the need for extensive staff changes.”