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Which Way Are You Headed?

It’s no secret that the supply chain is a complex, living, breathing, ever-evolving entity. As the world grows smaller, the importance of a transparent global supply chain is paramount. The growth of technology, while making some tasks easier and more efficient, brings its own set of complications. There’s risk, strict and often difficult-to-decipher regulatory issues, international law, and on and on …

The projects we describe here, in our Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100, provide some direction and some examples of what can be done to ensure a more successful business. The alternative is not good.


Featured Projects

Enabler: Acsis Inc. (Marlton, N.J.,

Customer: Ashland, Inc.

Project: Streamline the shipping process

Solutions/Services: Acsis Parcel Management in conjunction with the customer’s SAP system

Business Impact: By fully automating data collection, order shipping and ERP integration through Acsis Parcel Management, the customer was able to process orders more efficiently, reduce errors and decrease costs. The savings from the automation allowed the company to replace 27 temporary employees with two full-time employees. SKUs per day increased from 400 to 500 per day to 1,100 per day.


Company LogoEnabler: Arena Solutions (Foster City, Calif.,

Customer: Air International Thermal Systems

Project: Air International North America implemented Arena’s cloud-hosted Arena PLM software solution to unify its entire supply chain into an integrated product development environment

Solutions/Services: Arena Solutions’ cloud-based PLM

Business Impact: Air International has grown and thrives as a relatively new entrant to a very competitive market through the use of an outsourced manufacturing model. Communications with both current and prospective suppliers are faster, timelier and more efficient. Air saves 10 percent on parts through greater visibility into a supplier’s costs and cut its own prices by 10 percent, while accelerating delivery time by 20 percent. Savings gained are in the millions.


Company LogoEnabler: Avercast (Rexburg, Idaho,

Customer: Global publishing company

Project: Centralize and streamline forecasting and demand planning processes across divisions

Solutions/Services: Avercast Business Forecasting, Supply Planning, and Sales & Operations Planning

Business Impact: The solution improved forecast accuracy, increased inventory turns, and improved communication and collaboration throughout the end-to-end inventory planning process.


Enabler: Avendra (Rockville, Md.,

Customer: Grand America Hotels and Resorts

Project: Provide a centralized procurement resource to maximize furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) capital expenditure

Solutions/Services: Pre-negotiated supplier contracts/pricing, a comprehensive FF&E offering, and tailored consultative sales

Business Impact: The solution minimized downtime/business disruption, and supported sustainability and innovation initiatives. In need of a large order with a short lead time, attention to detail made a major impact, and allowed internal staff to focus on key business imperatives and critical day-to-day operations.


Company LogoEnabler: Blue Ridge (Marietta, Ga.,

Customer: Leading hardware retailer

Project: Maximize return on promotions and increase service levels, while reducing inventory costs

Solutions/Services: Blue Ridge Cloud Demand Forecasting, Planning and Replenishment; and Blue Ridge Visibility Analytics

Business Impact: The solution increased the company’s overall forecast accuracy, as well as precision on promotional and seasonal purchases. Because of this, the company reduced excess inventory and safety stock by 10 percent, and at the same time, increased service levels to stores by 2.5 percentage points.


Company Logo Enabler: CargoSmart Ltd. (Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong,

Customer: Leading food and beverage retailer

Project: Optimize the supply chain by implementing a TMS to improve supply chain visibility and increase efficiency

Solutions/Services: Global TMS

Business Impact: The solution reduced overseas communication time; decreased contract maintenance effort; optimized rate selections; saved on ISF and EEI filing costs with self-filing; minimized charges due to late shipments; reduced detention and demurrage fees; saved effort compiling MQC, allocation and rate trend reports; saved time updating data to internal systems for archiving and accounting; and improved inventory management, accounting and cash position.


Company LogoEnabler: Celsis International (London,

Customer: Unilever

Project: Decision support/business intelligence/consulting/education/quality

Solutions/Services: Celsis rapid detection system with AMPiScreen® reagent assay

Business Impact: The standard-ization of testing and release protocols shortened Unilever’s hold times from two to seven days down to one day, significantly cutting product production cycles. This allows a faster response to manufacturing so products are released to distribution more quickly.


Company LogoEnabler: DiCentral (Houston,

Customer: TJM Innovations

Project: TJM was just not able to send accurate invoices and the issue needed to be remedied quickly

Solutions/Services: DiIntegrator, combined with DiCentral’s hosted EDI translation and routing services (web based EDI – DiWeb)

Business Impact: TJM Innovations easily imports the day’s purchase orders from DiIntegrator to NetSuite ERP, where the orders and labels are created. During its busy season, TJM now easily processes over 1,000 documents a week.


Enabler: enVista (Carmel, Ind.,

Customer: Hibbett Sports

Project: Develop a supply chain strategy to improve the flow of merchandise from source to consumption

Solutions/Services: MercuryGate TMS, Manhattan Associates WMS upgrade

Business Impact: Hibbett is transforming its supply chain to synchronize supply with demand and increase speed to market. The speed reduces variability in the supply chain, improves in-stock percentages, and reduces work-in-process inventory and safety stock, ultimately improving store service.


Company LogoEnabler: Epicor Software (Austin, Texas,

Customer: Triad Technologies LLC

Project: Warehouse automation

Solutions/Services: Epicor Prophet 21

Business Impact: Top-line sales increased 28 percent, the receiving department saw a 25 percent increase in handling with 60 percent less labor and picking labor decreased by over 50 percent with the same transactional volume.


Enabler: Fortna (Reading, Pa.,

Customer: Tech Data

Project: Warehouse systems overhaul

Solutions/Services: SAP WM and FortnaWCS.

Business Impact: The company’s on-time delivery rate is 99.99 percent and throughput went from 45 pieces per labor hour to over 70. There is standard training and better collaboration across the six DCs since they share a single platform, significantly reducing labor costs.


Company Logo Enabler: Grand Junction (San Francisco,

Customer: I.O. Metro

Project: Maintain a consistent high-quality customer experience across stores’ customer deliveries using a multi-market network of local carriers

Solutions/Services: Grand Junction’s Software-as-a-service platform

Business Impact: Customer service call volume was reduced by 32 percent, most calls were resolved on the phone, the average response time improved by 98 percent, lost and damaged goods decreased by 35 percent, other types of quality issues decreased nearly 20 percent, charge approval time for couriers decreased by 25 percent, delivery quality improved, item visibility after items are handed from DC to courier improved, 48-hour issue resolution bottleneck was eliminated and a scalable logistics operation was created.


Company Logo Enabler: Greybeard Advisors (Pittsburgh,

Customer: Water utility

Project: Transform procurement from a tactical to strategic function to enhance stakeholder value

Solutions/Services: Worked with client’s existing software landscape

Business Impact: The client is on track to achieve an outstanding return on consulting investment (ROCI), far greater than conventional consulting approaches. As important as the immediate financial results, the capabilities of the procurement team are being substantially upgraded and enable the client to drive future results on its own.


Company Logo Enabler: Invata Intralogistics (Conshohocken, Pa.,

Customer: Old Dutch Foods

Project: Designed DC, doubling the throughput of the previous DC operation with just half the labor

Business Impact: Old Dutch Foods achieved its goal of creating a more streamlined distribution center; it is now in the process of doubling production to meet growing demand for its products and is doing so without expanding its staffing. It was also successful in achieving its goal of eliminating shrinkage.


Company Logo Enabler: International Business Systems (Solna, Sweden,

Customer: Ardo

Project: WMS

Solutions/Services: IBS Dynaman (WMS), Savoye Magmatic (AS/RS), Logflow Consultative Services

Business Impact: The WMS verifies that the correct pallets are distributed to the correct trucks by optically verifying the labels on the pallets. Distribution errors were reduced by eliminating much of the manual labor using Excel spreadsheets. Inconsistencies and errors were reduced more than 90 percent of the time.


Company LogoEnabler: Intesource (Phoenix,

Customer: Raley’s

Project: e-Sourcing implementation and management

Solutions/Services: Full-service e-sourcing (reverse auctions, RFP, and RFI), supplier discovery services, training and best practices consulting

Business Impact: The solution expanded the vendor database, found different products or service strategies, improved customer satisfaction, standardized approach, and intensified focus on and understanding of all expenditures. Savings to date exceed $10 million.


Company LogoEnabler: IQMS (Paso Robles, Calif.,

Customer: Protoplast Inc.

Project: Create a new manufacturing technology called Injection Transfer Blow for its OEM and Tier 1 automotive suppliers

Business Impact: Protoplast virtually created a new market and opened doors for new sales opportunities. Injection Transfer Blow products accounted for approximately 2.5 percent of Protoplast’s 2013 sales. Protoplast’s goal for 2014 is to increase this (and overall sales growth) by 10 percent. Based on current and anticipated projects, Protoplast expects to exceed this goal.


Company LogoEnabler: JDA Software (Scottsdale, Ariz.,

Customer: Topco Associates LLC

Project: Improve replenishment, demand forecasting and inventory turns, while reducing the liability associated with perishable inventory

Solutions/Services: JDA Supply Chain Now Services, JDA Cloud Services, JDA Consulting Services, JDA Education Services, JDA Support Services

Business Impact: The solution reduced inventory via new safety stock logic, improved inventory turns, achieved customer-specific forecasting capability, increased supply chain agility, reduced implementation time and costs, and was implemented in six months.


Enabler: JVKellyGroup (Huntington, NY,

Customer: Fortune100 information company

Project: Harmonize data to reduce tax audit costs on a global basis without reducing quality of services

Solutions/Services: JVKellyGroup analytic tools and proprietary benchmark intelligence

Business Impact: Without disrupting services, the client reduced expenditures 24 percent across the board in a year.


Company LogoEnabler: Kane is Able (Scranton, Pa.,

Customer: SunMaid Growers of California

Project: Supply chain optimization

Solutions/Services: TMS and WMS integration

Business Impact: Using a collaborative distribution strategy reduced supply chain costs up to 35 percent. The retailer realized benefits such as less dock congestion and labor. Additionally, there were benefits to the environment, including reduced carbon output and traffic.


Company Logo Enabler: Kenco Logistics Services (Chattanooga, Tenn.,

Customer: Unidentified

Project: Consolidation of a 600,000-square-foot facility and part of a 250,000-square-foot facility into a 474,000-square-foot facility; and transfer of a total of 32,000 product codes and 2,500,000 pieces of inventory

Solutions/Services: Very narrow aisle (VNA) wire guided storage and material handling solution for floor storage locations

Business Impact: The VNA floor storage solution in the single deep area was able to increase the number of pallet locations by 66 percent. The solution freed 126,000 square feet of warehouse space for additional storage, allowing it to receive a total of 36,000 product codes with more than 3 million pieces of inventory.


Company LogoEnabler: Logfire (Atlanta,

Customer: American Sportswear—Tommy Hilfiger/Calvin Klein

Project: Warehouse management automation for a DC serving wholesale and retail operations for the entire Latin American region

Solutions/Services: LogFire Cloud-based Inventory & Warehouse Management

Business Impact: The solution was successfully implemented for the primary DC in the Panama FTZ to serve the Latin America, Central America, and Caribbean wholesale and retail channels for Tommy Hilfiger, which led to the addition of all of Calvin Klein.


Company LogoEnabler: Logility (Atlanta,

Customer: Massimo Zanetti Beverage

Project: Align production planning with resources, improve agility to respond to increased supply chain complexities, create consistent long-term plan for raw materials

Solutions/Services: Order/Demand Management/Forecasting

Business Impact: Six months following the new process and the implementation of Logility Voyager Solutions, Massimo Zanetti Beverage decreased planning cycle time by 66 percent, increased inventory turns, reduced inventory 14 percent, and is now able to produce multiple what-if scenarios to generate optimal plans and stay ahead of changes in its global supply chain.


Enabler: Longbow Advantage (Montreal,

Customer: Subaru of America

Project: WMS implementation

Solutions/Services: Longbow Advantage implementation and integration consulting services to upgrade Red Prairie WMS and WFM solutions

Business Impact: Subaru improved overall warehouse efficiency and allocation times. Subaru of America reduced shipment planning and allocation process time from 2.5 hours to 20 minutes.


Company LogoEnabler: NeoGrid (So Paulo, Brazil,

Customer: Leading global OTC healthcare company

Project: Enable a standardized demand planning process across eight countries, and use technology and service to create a consensus plan regardless of technical and cultural challenges

Solutions/Services: NeoGrid’s Supply Chain Synchronization Demand Planning Solution

Business Impact: The solution improved visibility and forecast accuracy, and increased sales and service levels, while reducing returned products from its retail partners. Performance on promotional and new product launches was also improved.


Company LogoEnabler: NetSuite (San Mateo, Calif.,

Customer: Epec Engineered Technologies

Project: Supply chain integration and infrastructure/ERP

Solutions/Services: NetSuite cloud ERP/Manufacturing Edition, Selectica Configure-Price-Quote engine

Business Impact: Epec achieved a lean, agile global supply chain and manufacturing execution using cloud ERP with cost efficiencies that help keep prices low and drive business. Estimated ROI from cloud ERP is at more than $500,000.


Company Logo Enabler: Next Level Purchasing Association (Pittsburgh,

Customer: Large financial services provider in Europe

Project: Build credibility among internal and external customers, and certify all procurement staff at the same level

Solutions/Services: SPSM Certification from the Next Level Purchasing Association

Business Impact: Through certification, the client’s procurement department gained credibility among internal and external clients, which led to better working relationships and cooperation, resulting in better financial results for the organization as a whole.


Company LogoEnabler: Nipendo (Burlington, Mass.,

Customer: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Project: Automate the procure-to-pay process, establishing a paperless and errorless process across the supplier base for all spend categories

Solutions/Services: Nipendo Supplier Cloud

Business Impact: By electronically receiving and processing over 90 percent of supplier invoices, IAI is putting to practice the idea of the paperless organization. This is a revolution that allows it to improve collaboration with suppliers, establish efficient and cost-effective supply chain integration, and most importantly, reduce errors that were caused by manual interactions along the supply chain.”—Gabi Ben-Shlush, IAI Head of Accounting


Company LogoEnabler: Noosh Inc. (Mountain View, Calif.,

Customer: Miller Zell

Project: Select a comprehensive project/procurement management technology to provide supply chain visibility from customers to suppliers through one system of record

Solutions/Services: Noosh Enterprises Edition

Business Impact: The solution improved delivery, agility, procurement efficiency and effectiveness; streamlined collaboration and reporting for clients and numerous, widely dispersed subcontractors. Suppliers are held to delivery dates and specifications, while being able to innovate and reduce input costs. Some clients are realizing cost savings of 15 to 18 percent on POS expenses.


Enabler: Puridiom (Mechanicsburg, Pa.,

Customer: Hershey Entertainment & Resorts

Project: Procurement transformation

Solutions/Services: Puridiom 4.3 Enterprise Procurement Solution—Cloud platform

Business Impact: The solution saved over $12 million in spend management in the first year of production, while spend under management steadily increased with over $20 million in 2013.


Enabler: Purolator International (Jericho, N.Y.,

Customer: Leading specialty retailer

Project: Develop and implement a robust e-commerce solution focusing on consumer experience

Solutions/Services: Purolator International’s Beacon system

Business Impact: The solution reduced costs by 15 percent, improved transit time by 1.8 days, grew Canadian marketplace by 10 percent in six months, reduced customer service issues, and improved visibility to consumer, and internally to various matrices.


Company LogoEnabler: Resilinc (Santa Clara, Calif.,

Customer: EMC Corp.

Project: Gain comprehensive global visibility into multi-tier supply chain, regulatory and brand risks on an ongoing basis

Solutions/Services: Resilinc SupplyIntel, EventWatch and Conflict Minerals Module

Business Impact: Improved manpower and productivity helped create a centralized, easily accessible repository of supplier intelligence and made that repository available to its supply chain practitioners. As a result, the number of information requests to commodity managers was cut in half. This gave commodity managers more time to work suppliers and they more than doubled the number of critical suppliers they talked to on an ongoing basis.


Company Logo Enabler: Saddle Creek Logistics Services (Lakeland, Fla.,

Customer: Leading beverage producer

Project: Scalable supply chain management to accommodate rapid business growth

Business Impact: Having ready access to value-added services allows the company to move inventory closer to its customers, optimize packaging for end users and remove a node from its supply chain. The company also gains a competitive edge with an exclusive pack option.


Company LogoEnabler: Satellite Logistics Group (Houston,

Customer: Crown Imports LLC/Constellation Brands, Beer Division

Project: Manage keg returns across Mexican border to increase overall velocity, manage distributor relationships and reduce keg shrinkage

Solutions/Services: SLG’s Kegspediter® keg management

Business Impact: The solution increased keg turns, reduced asset investment and accommodated business growth. SLG collects Crown Imports’ kegs more frequently and cost effectively, typically doubling previous keg turns. While reducing capital expenditure on kegs, it also helped keep kegs moving through the system efficiently and reduced keg shrink rate down to approximately 3 percent, well below the industry average of 6 to 8 percent.


Company LogoEnabler: Silvon Software (Westmont, Ill.,

Customer: U.S. snack foods producer and distributor

Project: Decision support/business intelligence/consulting/education/quality

Solutions/Services: Silvon’s Stratum applications for collaborative planning, sales analysis and inventory performance reporting

Business Impact: The company decreased operating expenses like wasted packaging and lost sales, and expedited transportation costs that previously resulted from inaccurate sales plans. The solution is providing the metrics required to better stratify its routes to ensure high customer service and profitability levels.


Company LogoEnabler: SYSPRO (Johannesburg, South Africa,

Customer: Von Drehle Corp.

Project: Gain in-depth visibility into operations

Solutions/Services: Multiple SYSPRO solutions

Business Impact: Because the software enables the company to streamline production and reduce costs, VonDrehle can underprice its competition. SYSPRO ERP produces various reports that give management insight into financials, inventory levels and other operational statistics. In addition, the software enhanced worker productivity because each worker can easily customize the software to access only the specific information required to best perform his/her job.


Enabler: Terra Technology (Norwalk, Conn.,

Customer: Global 500 energy company

Project: Improve forecast accuracy to reduce inventory, and improve return on working capital and customer service

Solutions/Services: Terra Technology Demand Sensing and Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization

Business Impact: The company cut several days of stock, freeing cash and improving return on working capital, while enhancing customer service. By shifting the S&OP process from balancing volume to balancing value, the company improved financial performance by identifying and focusing efforts on SKU-level financial and supply chain metrics that drive profitable returns.


Company Logo Enabler: Thrive Technologies (Marietta, Ga.,

Customer: $600 million auto parts distributor

Project: Help forecast planners reduce their excessive hours spent overriding 50 to 70 percent of forecasts due to lack of confidence in accuracy

Solutions/Services: Thrive Firstcast Demand Forecasting system

Business Impact: After three months, Thrive reduced forecast overrides by 90 percent due to forecast planners’ confidence in accuracy. Thrive’s improved forecast accuracy reduced lost sales by 70 percent, which positively impacted revenues.


Company Logo Enabler: Virginia Department of General Services/Division of Purchases and Supply (eVA, Richmond, Va.)

Customer: Commonwealth of Virginia

Project: Re-engineer procure-to-pay processes through active and ongoing collaborative participation with state and local governments, finance and suppliers

Solutions/Services: CGI Advantage, Ariba and Logi Spend Analytics

Business Impact: More than 90 percent of discretionary commonwealth spend is processed through the eVA platform. This translates into more than 15,000 public sourcing events and 450,000 orders valued at more than $5.5 billion annually. The solution demonstrated savings for the commonwealth of more than $30 million per year.



More SDCE 100 Recipients

Enabler: Agistix (San Mateo, Calif.,

Customer: Frozen food distributor

Project: Provide online access to customers, sales and sales agencies, brokers, and distributors to track truckload shipments.


Enabler: ALOM (Freemont, Calif.,

Customer: Ford Motor Co.

Project: Developed and implemented Ford Recycle for Charity program in 2012 to improve return rate, recycle media, promote green sustainability initiative and generate funds for charitable donation of Ford MyTouch GPS navigation system replacement/upgrade SD cards.


Enabler: American Global Logistics (Atlanta,

Customer: American Signature Inc.

Project: Created visibility of supply chain to all parties (internal and external) in one environment (AP/AR, procurement, imports, warehousing, vendors, shiplines, truckers, brokers, NVOs, agents).


Enabler: APS Technology (San Diego,

Customer: Terminal de Contenedores de Buenaventura (TCBuen)

Project: Improved data accuracy, throughput and safety, while decreasing overall operating costs. Pre-automation gate transaction times took 6 minutes with 24 people for six lanes. After automation, times went down to one minute and 20 seconds with eight people for six lanes.


Enabler: Aptean (Atlanta,

Customer: High-end restaurant chain

Project: Supply chain project expected to increase productivity by up to 50 percent and improve operational efficiency by forecasting demand. The restaurant chain expects a $425,000 return on investment in 2014.


Enabler: Aras (Andover, Mass.,

Customer: Getrag Ford Transmissions

Project: Coordinate and streamline global product development processes for systems engineering of mechanical, electronic and software/firmware of next-generation vehicle transmissions at multiple locations with suppliers.


Enabler: Ariba, an SAP Company (Sunnyvale, Calif.,

Customer: MSC Industrial Supply Co.

Project: MSC boosted sales by more than 100 percent, and by accessing detailed customer data within the network, the company engaged its customers in completely new ways that give it significant advantage over its competitors.


Enabler: ARRIS Group (Suwanee, Ga.,

Customer: ARRIS Group

Project: Leveraged larger volume spends and strategic relationships with legacy suppliers to get the best total cost, and provided incumbent suppliers the opportunities to improve price prior to RFQ issuance.


Enabler: Basware (Espoo, Finland,

Customer: Industrial services provider for the energy market

Project: Process its 220,000 annual invoices quicker and more accurately, reduce paper, and gain visibility into spend and cash flow.


Enabler: Baxter Planning (Austin, Texas,

Customer: Tolt Solutions

Project: In a three-month consulting engagement, Baxter focused on challenges that Tolt could potentially resolve through a combination of process and software changes. These included increased shipping costs resulting from introducing two new DCs and many intermediate FSLs that also acted as replenishment locations, and excess technician inventory attributed to issues related to target stock level calculations, replenishment processes, and a lack of recentralization and redistribution.


Enabler: BizSlate (New York,

Customer: Small women’s fashion distribution business

Project: The client can enter hundreds of open stock and pre-pack products in real time from user-defined templates at the click of a button. What previously took a week is completed in less 2 hours.


Enabler: C3 Solutions (Montreal,

Customer: North American food retailer

Project: Automated centralized appointment desk and reduced labor affected to scheduling by more than 60 percent.


Enabler: Chainalytics (Atlanta,

Customer: Avaya, Inc.

Project: Chainalytics created a custom justification/savings calculator based on freight rates and new container loading densities based on new packaging designs and total optimization packaging software.


Enabler: Choice Logistics (New York,

Customer: Medical equipment division of a Top 20 global pharmaceutical company

Project: Choice Logistics deployed more than a dozen of its strategic stocking locations in major cities across the U.S. and Canada, and set field stocking levels by part for each SSL. FSEs were trained on new procedures to order parts for delivery to their home or customer site, or for pick-up at the SSL, in as little as two hours.


Enabler: DMI (Demand Management) (St. Louis,

Customer: ITW Proline Australia

Project: Network optimization with better use of distribution assets, including reduced warehouse footprint, process improvement, and deployment of warehouse technology to improve order cycle time and order accuracy, and reduce costs.


Enabler: DSSI (Louisville, Ky.,

Customer: Fortune 500 automotive supplier

Project: On-site people, tools and technology to identify items, count, cleanse and source items. DSSI used its e-procurement system, Epic®, to quote and source new items.


Enabler: Eastman Chemical Co. (Kingsport, Tenn.,

Customer: Eastman Chemical Co.

Project: Improved forecast accuracy, optimized inventory and improved total cost of supply chain operations enabled the company to better evaluate and understand market needs, resulting in less waste and greater efficiency. The estimated value of the S&OP and effective supply planning improvements is $35 million.


Enabler: Elemica (Exton, Pa.,

Customer: Syngenta

Project: Implemented B2B network for electronic documents communication.


Enabler: ESM Solutions (Warrington, Pa.,

Customer: Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana

Project: Implement a tailorable and intuitive spend management and e-procurement solution.


Enabler: Eved (Chicago,

Customer: Fortune 500 global technology provider

Project: Event planners used the Eved marketplace to source and secure preferred suppliers. They entered the details of their event, created and sent detailed RFPs, awarded business, issued purchase orders, managed the approval process, received e-invoices and made payments. Client saved thousands of hours and over $10 million annually.


Enabler: 4Sight Supply Chain Group (Paramus, N.J.,

Customer: Fortune 100 retailer

Project: The system go-live occurred in phases, with inbound first, followed by outbound without material handling, and then outbound fully live with the material handling equipment. The new facility opened in time to support volume for the critical 2013 peak retail season.


Enabler: Gazelle Information Technologies Private Limited (Delhi, India,

Customer: Nuqul Group

Project: Forecast accuracy measured in three major markets comprising 80 percent of Nuqul Group’s worldwide sales increased from an average of 78 percent to 90 percent. Six months after the project went live, inventory cost was reduced by $5 million.


Enabler: Genco Inc. (Pittsburgh,

Customer: International medical device company

Project: Locate a 3PL to help with inventory accuracy, as well as find a strategic partner to unite the people, process and technology crucial to the success of its U.S. supply chain network.


Enabler: GHX (Louisville, Ky.,

Customer: Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Project: Establish and maintain item master data integrity, increase business process automation and improve contract compliance.


Enabler: HICX Solutions (London,

Customer: Randstad Sourceright

Project: Implemented an enterprise supplier management solution to streamline and improve internal and customer-facing procurement operations.


Enabler: HighJump Software (Minneapolis,

Customer: Lojas Renner

Project: The apparel retailer replaced its home-grown WMS with a flexible solution at its largest DC. With the ability to fully manage all warehouse systems, the company achieved a higher rate of operational productivity.


Enabler: Hyster Co. (Greenville, N.C.,

Customer: Estes Express Lines

Project: Uptime increased dramatically, enhancing productivity at the loading docks, which helps Estes maintain its reputation for quick and efficient delivery services.


Enabler: InfinityQS International (Fairfax, Va.,

Customer: General Cable

Project: Standardize production data analytics across its global manufacturing base and improve control process variation from plant to plant.


Enabler: Insight Inc. (Manassas, Va.,

Customer: Large fruit and beverage producer

Project: Redesigned distribution network to optimize the network, and reduce carbon emissions and transportation costs.


Enabler: Insite Software (Minneapolis,

Customer: Merial Corp.

Project: Bring together multiple geo- and market-based business units using one technology platform to streamline operations.


Enabler: Integration Point (Charlotte, N.C.,

Customer: Volvo Group North America/Mack Truck Inc.

Project: Maintain compliance with U.S. government regulation to provide information for inbound shipments 24 hours in advance, and manage compliance for finished vehicles exported from the U.S., along with parts being shipped to Venezuela and Australia for assembly.


Enabler: Intelligrated (Mason, Ohio,

Customer: Wyoming Liquor Division

Project: Implement voice-picking solution


Enabler: ISM Services (Tempe, Ariz.,

Customer: PulteGroup

Project: Redefined the way the purchasing function operates by delivering more value to homebuyers through consumer-driven floor plans at a lower cost. The program integrates with the new organizational design.


Enabler: John Galt Solutions (Chicago,

Customer: Post Foods

Project: Enabled hedging strategies to reduce procurement costs for raw materials, reduced changes in production schedule and improved planning process.


Enabler: Jump Technologies (Eagan, Minn.,

Customer: ImpactOffice

Project: Saved $105,000 annually in paper-related administration, driver and vehicle costs of delivery, customer service costs by about $30,000 per year, customer service call time for proof-of-delivery inquiries by nearly 75 percent and all delivery-related paper filing.


Enabler: Kinaxis (Ottawa, Ont., Canada,

Customer: NCR Corp.

Project: Implement an end-to-end S&OP process to reduce inventory and expedited freight costs, as well as improve forecast accuracy.


Enabler: Lean Logistics (Holland, Mich.,

Customer: King’s Hawaiian

Project: Optimize transportation resources and spend by managing transportation sourcing, planning, decision-making, execution, communication, settlement and measurement.


Enabler: LLamasoft (Ann Arbor, Mich.,

Customer: Global athletic shoe/apparel retailer

Project: Provide detailed view into capacity within four primary European DCs to improve resource utilization and support monthly S&OP planning.


Enabler: Logistix Solutions (Herndon, Va.,

Customer: Leading food distributor

Project: Identified process and technology changes that could yield a reduction of logistics spend of more than $1 million.


Enabler: Manhattan Associates (Atlanta,

Customer: J&P Cycles

Project: Support a full retail operation enabling the company to manage shifting priorities and keep inventory in a cost-efficient balance across all channels.


Enabler: The Mpower Group (Oak Brook, Ill.,

Customer: Higher education for-profit institution

Project: Consolidate publishers to achieve short-term cost savings and convince executives that student outcomes should drive engagement. The scope was changed to develop a model for “course of the future.”


Enabler: (City of Industry, Calif.,


Project: Streamline shipping process to reduce cost and waste while improving efficiency and environmental friendliness.


Enabler: NGC Software (Miami Lakes, Fla.,

Customer: Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits

Project: Created a collaboration platform that standardizes all PLM/SCM processes, allowing data to be shared seamlessly between users and stakeholders throughout the global supply chain.


Enabler: NPI (Atlanta,

Customer: Large global retailer

Project: NPI uncovered specific areas of overspending, including service selection, unnecessary dimensional weight fees, potential credits, alternate regional carrier options and carrier rate reduction targets.


Enabler: Oz Development (Westboro, Mass.,

Customer: Freeflow Wines

Project: Provide visibility, scalability and automation to meet growth. It has 150 wine growing partners and 350 SKUs serving 43 states and 180 distributors.


Enabler: Performance Consulting Associates (Duluth, Ga.,

Customer: Global biotech company

Project: Create comprehensive inventory of all spare parts, and meet requirements of FDA’s Consent Decree: compliance with GMP, Consent Decree timeline, and all GMP practices in place, operating and defined in company-approved standard operating procedures.


Enabler: PINC Solutions (Alameda, Calif.,

Customer: Daimler Trucks North America

Project: Speed truck production, improve inventory visibility and reduce detention fees


Enabler: Prime Advantage (Chicago,

Customer: Cres Cor

Project: Leverage relationships with supplier network of direct and indirect goods and services to help position the company for continued growth and success.


Enabler: Quintiq Inc. (Philadelphia, Pa.,

Customer: Vlisco

Project: Implement optimized planning and scheduling that account for high-volume orders, each with multiple individual treatments.


Enabler: Ryder System Inc. (Miami,

Customer: Automotive company

Project: Reduce overall transportation and distribution costs by $8 million, exceed savings guarantee for three years while achieving 104 percent of corporate sales/shipping goal in warehouse, cut average overtime from 3 to .09 percent, reduce labor costs by 15 percent and increase throughput by 180 percent in the new warehouse.


Enabler: SciQuest Inc. (Cary, N.C.,

Customer: FMC Technologies

Project: Suppliers now have a single set of information based on performance, regions are running their business consistently across the world based on standard metrics, and category managers are deploying meaningful strategies to meet objectives.


Enabler: Smart Software (Belmont, Mass.,

Customer: NKK Switches

Project: Convince Asian suppliers to build to forecast rather than to order, reducing lead times.


Enabler: Source One Management Services (Willow Grove, Pa.,

Customer: International steel products manufacturer

Project: Improve sourcing process without adding in-house resources.


Enabler: (El Segundo, Calif.,


Project: Provide mailing/shipping solution that allows supply chain organizations to manage postage spending for multiple offices from one centralized location.


Enabler: Tools Group (Boston,

Customer: Granarolo

Project: Brought its average forecast reliability from 80 to 85 percent, with a peak of about 95 percent for milk and cream, and 88 percent for yogurt and dessert. Inventory levels were reduced by more than 50 percent, cutting capital and lead time in half.


Enabler: TradeStone Software (Gloucester, Mass.,

Customer: $1billion-plus specialty electronics retailer

Project: Implemented a quality management solution to ensure compliance of proprietary brands and improve supply chain efficiency


Enabler: Transplace (Dallas,

Customer: Univar

Project: With a user at nearly every one of the company’s more than 100 ship points, Univar needed a system that could be accessed from multiple locations by multiple people.


Enabler: Transportation Insight (Hickory, N.C.,

Customer: Fabric manufacturer

Project: Shaved time and cost from day-to-day supply chain processes using Extended LEAN continuous improvement methodology, which created a shared competitive advantage for the company and its partners.


Enabler: UltraShip TMS (Fairlawn, N.J.,

Customer: Land O’ Lakes

Project: Align best routes with variable pickup windows, reduce man-hours spent planning loads/routes, and integrate order management and telematics.


Enabler: Ultriva (Cupertino, Calif.,

Customer: Global biotech/pharmaceutical company

Project: Cloud-based Lean Factory Management helped the company track and control its sterile equipment inventory by establishing a series of interconnected material replenishment loops between manufacturing usage and supply locations.


Enabler: UPS (Atlanta,

Customer: UPS

Project: Optimized UPS delivery routes enable UPS drivers to focus on customer service by using advanced algorithms and telematics data.


Enabler: W&H Systems (Carlstadt, N.J.,

Customer: Wirtz Beverage

Project: Consolidate operations in three facilities into one new 555,500-square-foot distribution center.


Enabler: Witron Integrated Logistics (Parkstein, Germany,

Customer: INEX Partners Oy

Project: New DC enables picking of more than 1.4 million units on a peak day using automated warehouse solutions.


Enabler: Yale Materials Handling Corp. (Greenville, N.C.,

Customer: Nature’s Best

Project: Improve overall efficiency through addressing high SKU count, large footprint, long travel times and multiple pick vehicles.