Follow in the Footsteps of SDCE's 2013 "100" Award Winners on the Roadmap to Project Success

FEATURED PROJECTS   Enabler: Acorn Systems Inc. (Houston, ) Customer: Fortune 500 wholesale distributor Project: The objective of the project was toprovide client with accurate customer, supplier and item...

Enabler: Stryker Sustainability Solutions (Tempe, Ariz.,

Customer: Stryker Sustainability Solutions

Project: Stryker made it easier for hospitals to do business with reprocessors. Coupled with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Stryker’s On Demand allows customers to conduct all procurement transactions electronically.


Enabler: Take Solutions (Chennai, India,

Customer: Leading oil & gas provider

Project: Take Solutions improved shipment collaboration and confirmation with suppliers to decrease the number of out of tolerance shipments. The solution requires suppliers to validate specific order information against the ERP system prior to shipment.


Enabler: Tools Group (Boston,

Customer: Cipla Medpro

Project: Cipla Medpro turned to ToolsGroup to outsource its forecasting, inventory and replenishment planning. Not only did the solution meet the functional requirements, but the SaaS “rental” option was less expensive and lowered risk. Implementation was accomplished within 30 days.


Enabler: TradeStone Software (Gloucester, Mass.,

Customer: Fortune 300 discount and variety retailer

Project: TradeStone Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution suite’s iterative process called on the technology’s capabilities in the order they were needed for their sourcing and production management. The retailer got both a faster rollout and a leaner, better-fitting solution.


Enabler: Transplace (Dallas,

Customer: Dal-Tile Corp.

Project: Working with Transplace, Dal-Tile, which ships the equivalent of 11,000 truckloads of heavy tiles from Mexico to the U.S., identified the opportunity to combine shipments of its dense tile with other companies’ bulkier, less-dense freight to improve cubic use on trailers, containers and boxcars.


Enabler: Tyco Retail Solutions (Schaffhausen, Switzerland,

Customer: Fortune 500 retailer

Project: By leveraging Tyco’s Inventory Visibility platform, featuring RFID, the retail customer gained accurate, real-time, item level inventory visibility for all tagged merchandise across all of its 800 stores and multiple distribution centers.


Enabler: Vocollect (Pittsburgh,

Customer: Fox Head Inc.

Project: Fox needed a picking system that matched its explosive growth (35,000 SKUs across multiple channels). Its RF scanning paper-based picking system just didn’t work. Vocollect Voice supports picking, replenishment, cycle-counting, slotting, receiving (Europe), and soon, packing.


Enabler: Xplore Technologies (Austin,

Customer: Carrier

Project: The HVAC company added Xplore tablets to mount on their forklifts, in conjunction with RFID scanners, to alert warehouse workers of any problems. The software also allows the operator to know when trailers are loaded.


Enabler: Zycus (Princeton, N.J.,

Customer: Leading biopharmaceutical company

Project: The customer implemented Zycus’ iAnalyze and iSave to classify spend data and identify savings opportunities; and to help forecast savings, track opportunities and give a company-wide picture of the savings.




At the request of the project enablers mentioned below, come client names and specific details related to projects will remain confidential and instead list client name descriptors and project type in parentheses.

Avnet Inc.: (Security software; warranty/service field replacement unit (FRU) program)

Cadent Resources: (U.S. lighting manufacturer; sales & operations planning)

CombineNet: (Leading beverage company; sourcing: ground and ocean transportation)

Corporate United: (Fortune 500 insurance company; background checks cost savings)

Deposco: (Vacuum systems; WMS implementation)

E-LYNXX Corp.: (Higher- and continuing-education system; procurement)

ET2C International: (Retail startup; supply chain process development)

4flow AG: (Fortune 500 tier-one automotive supplier; TMS)

4SIGHT Supply Chain Group: (Fortune 500 consumer electronics manufacturer; WMS implementation)

Genpact Ltd.: (Fortune 500 manufacturing major; account management)

GEP: (Global healthcare company; sourcing & sourcing support services)

IHS: (Multiple global customers; information and analytics)

InfinityQS International: [Global beauty products manufacturer; statistical process control (SPC) implementation in the filling process]

InmarInmar Inc.: (Tobacco products distributor/manufacturer; product retrieval, compliance)

Insight Sourcing Group: (Financial services; procurement and sourcing)

Insite Software: (Corrugated packaging company; e-commerce)

Integration Point: (Apparel/footwear manufacturer; export compliance and screening automation)

Lucas Systems: (Food service company; voice-directed warehouse solution)

Netwin Solutions: (Large automotive company; compliance)

NPI: (Outdoor goods retailer; IT spend optimization)

Optricity: (Australian 3PL; warehouse slotting optimization project)

PINC Solutions: (Fortune 500 truck manufacturer; advanced yard management system)

Puridiom: (Entertainment & resorts company; procure-to-pay solution)

Terra Technology: (Fortune 500 CPG company; forecasting solution implementation)

TraceLink: (Large pharmaceutical company; global track & trace)

UltraShip TMS: (Poultry producer; TMS)

Zionex: (Fortune 500 manufacturer; supply chain planning solution implementation)

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