Follow in the Footsteps of SDCE's 2013 "100" Award Winners on the Roadmap to Project Success

FEATURED PROJECTS   Enabler: Acorn Systems Inc. (Houston, ) Customer: Fortune 500 wholesale distributor Project: The objective of the project was toprovide client with accurate customer, supplier and item...

Enabler: HICX Solutions (London,

Customer: Managed service provider staffing firm

Project: Established a consistent process for onboarding new suppliers and ensuring the timely collection of required documents and information; streamlined workflows for reviewing and approving new suppliers.


Enabler: HighJump Software (Minneapolis,

Customer: Batteries Plus

Project: Implemented WMS at the 100,000-square-foot distribution center in Milwaukee to fit client processes and meet federal regulations.


Enabler: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J.,

Customer: Honeywell Aerospace

Project: Put a structured program management discipline in place to work e-auctions, including identification of a cohesive quote package, validation of interest from multiple suppliers in bidding, trend and cost analysis.


Enabler: IASTA (Carmel, Ind.,

Customer: AOL Inc.

Project: Iasta Executive Analytics Suite installed to track organizational savings, performance by business unit, ROI, and project cycle time. Sourcing solution gave visibility into every project.


Enabler: Ingram Micro Mobility (Santa Ana, Calif.,

Customer: Global mobile communications carrier

Project: End-to-end device lifecycle solution improved poor wireless device returns that were squeezing operator margins within their North American branch.


Enabler: Insight Inc. (Manassas, Va.,

Customer: Global CPG company

Project: INSIGHT's SAILS is a strategic and tactical supply chain planning tool that the company uses to model various processes and operations in order to determine the best solution.


Enabler: International Asset Systems (IAS) (Oakland, Calif.,

Customer: Global transportation and logistics company

Project: IAS’ cloud-based DispatchManager application provides customer with the needed connectivity, monitoring, tracking and visibility to container events across North America, replacing the previous methods of fax, phone and email.


Enabler: JDA Software Group Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz.,

Customer: Butterball LLC

Project: The planning horizons transitioned from very short-term focused to longer-range planning. Today, the information is presented in a visual format where the planners can focus more on the process, exception monitoring and longer range planning, including date-sensitive inventory.


Enabler: Junction Solutions (Denver,

Customer: Manufacturer of novelty confections

Project: Implementation of wireless warehouse included rearranging warehouse; changing process at production to affix new barcodes; and new barcode insertion throughout warehouse to identify products at different levels via handheld scanners.


Enabler: LeanLogistics (Holland, Mich.,

Customer: Supplier and solutions provider to food service, in-store bakery and retail marketplaces

Project: Leveraging the LeanLogistics Transportation Network to obtain additional carrier and capacity options, planning load consolidation and carrier optimization.


Enabler: Manhattan Associates (Atlanta,

Customer: Nature’s Best

Project: Implemented a supply chain solution that optimized operations, increased efficiency and created a distribution model that could be replicated in other regions with minimal customization.


Enabler: Murphy Warehouse Co. (Minneapolis,

Customer: Ohio garage door component company

Project: Shared 3PL flexible space leasing under a “moveable wall” lease basis, which gave the company the space flexibility they need as well as a fixed cost reduction.


Enabler: Next Level Purchasing Association (Pittsburgh,

Customer: Membership, all industries

Project: The Next Level Purchasing Association designed four courses to comprise the SPSM3 Certification. While students who pursued the SPSM Family of Certifications are able to apply these courses towards SPSM3 Certification, courses can be taken by any purchasing professional looking to develop their skills.


Enabler: NGC Software (Miami Lakes, Fla.,

Customer: Evy of California

Project: Evy implemented NGC's PLM/SCM software to streamline design/development and to more carefully manage its sourcing. In addition to price, Evy evaluates suppliers based on turnaround time; access to materials; specialized experience; and commitment to social responsibility and ethical sourcing.


Enabler: OnTrac; LaserShip (Phoenix, Ariz.,; Vienna, Va.,


Project: To reduce transportation costs as well as provide better service to its customers, Newegg added OnTrac and LaserShip to its transportation carrier portfolio to achieve greater flexibility in its business operations.


Enabler: Plan4Demand Solutions (Pittsburgh,

Customer: Global wine and spirits company

Project: Matched the system design to meet the special needs of the business and designed early hands-on customized training via conference room pilot scenarios for end users to ensure seamless transition and implemented new KPI hierarchy.


Enabler: Prime Advantage Corp. (Chicago,

Customer: Cres Cor

Project: Through its Prime Advantage membership, Cres Cor leveraged relationships with its supplier network of direct and indirect goods and services to position itself for continued growth and success at a time when many equipment makers are making cuts.


Enabler: Prorizon Corp. (Kennesaw, Ga.,

Customer: West Coast entertainment company

Project: Integrated SaaS solution with customer’s core purchasing and asset management systems to provide visibility and controls for the assets as they traverse each location.


Enabler: Quintiq Inc. (Radnor, Pa.,

Customer: Aurubis Stolberg

Project: Creating a streamlined scheduling system for the complex intricacies of Aurubis, Quintiq developed precise scheduling for every order. By reducing the work in process levels by 15 percent, Aurubis’s lead times were shortened by several days.


Enabler: Retalix (Zarhin, Israel,

Customer: Metcash

Project: Retalix Yard Management, Dock Scheduling and Transportation Web portal offer distributors instant visibility over their yard operations; and can help logistics and distribution center managers concurrently supervise activities in multiple yards or DCs from a central location.


Enabler: The Shelby Group (Schaumburg, Ill.,

Customer: Top 10 financial services institution

Project: The Shelby Group built a new strategy for evolving current highly customized and decentralized supply chain risk management systems into a comprehensive, best-in-class Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution for Vendor Risk Management.


Enabler: Smart Software (Belmont, Mass.,

Customer: Metro-North Railroad

Project: With the need to cut $82 million in inventory, the railroad implemented SmartForecasts in the second quarter of 2011. Using a small sample of its parts inventory, the initial phase of the implementation quickly identified levels of potential savings.


Enabler: Sparta Systems (Hamilton, N.J.,

Customer: Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Project: Sparta Systems’ TrackWise Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) allowed Ferring to run a more streamlined and efficient complaint management and reporting system across the globe.


Enabler: SPS Commerce (Minneapolis,

Customer: DollarDays International

Project: DollarDays uses SPS’ Universal Catalog Service to manage its vendor files. It meets the challenge of dealing with more than 40 categories of vendors and Excel spreadsheets in every type of format.


Enabler: (El Segundo, Calif.,


Project: From a centralized dashboard at a company headquarters, the account administrator can run reports detailing activity throughout the entire organization, including postage expenses by user, department, office location, mail class or even special services.


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