Follow in the Footsteps of SDCE's 2013 "100" Award Winners on the Roadmap to Project Success

FEATURED PROJECTS   Enabler: Acorn Systems Inc. (Houston, ) Customer: Fortune 500 wholesale distributor Project: The objective of the project was toprovide client with accurate customer, supplier and item...

Thrive Technologies Inc.Enabler: Thrive Technologies Inc. (Marietta, Ga.,
Customer: Matco-Norca
Project: Thrive set up interfaces with the existing Epicor Eclipse ERP system to automatically get updated with inventory data like inventory balances, open orders, and demand history.
Solutions/Services: Thrive Technologies cloud-based SaaS inventory forecasting and replenishment system.
Business Impact: After 14 months, Matco-Norca reduced inventory by 30 percent; improved line fill rate by eight percent; improved seasonal forecasting; and increased customer service.


Thrive Technologies Inc.Enabler: Trace One Inc. (Boston,
Customer: Walgreen Co.; and large top two retailer
Project: Supply chain collaboration & product lifecycle management (PLM).
Solutions/Services: Trace One Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Business Impact: Trace One delivered upstream supplier visibility and performance management for retail/CPG company.


Enabler: Treya Partners (Westlake Village, Calif.,
Customer: Electrical products manufacturer
Project: To implement a strategic sourcing project, including 14 direct-spend and five indirect-spend categories.
Solutions/Services: Strategic sourcing services; transportation and inventory optimization services; pre-negotiated (GPO) contracts; procurement organizational assessment services; and procurement training services.
Business Impact: The strategic sourcing project addressed approximately $200 million in procurement spend and created more than $14 million (seven percent) in annualized cost savings. The procurement assessment also identified and prioritized key elements of the client's operating model which would need to be addressed to ensure long-term compliance and sustainability of benefits.


XchangingEnabler: Xchanging Procurement Services (Chicago,
Customer: Defense contractor
Project: Strategic procurement; the primary business objective was to control the cost of employees’ device needs and wireless data plans through centralization, consolidation and negotiation.
Solutions/Services: Xchanging Procurement Services provides end to end source to pay services for its global customers by offering procurement solutions that help organizations deliver exceptional performance that aligns to their business objectives.




Enabler: ABAS Ibérica (Madrid, Spain,

Customer: Ruffini S.A. (Barcelona)

Project: ABAS integrated Ruffini’s auto-gration message into the existing ERP system to make the data accessible from within the ERP interface.


Enabler: Accellos (Colorado Springs, Colo.,

Customer: Europa Worldwide Logistics

Project: Accellos allowed Europa to tailor the production processes and provide an extremely high level of efficiency for a new wine retailer that was switching to e-commerce.


Enabler: AFN LLC (Niles, Ill.,

Customer: Leading plastic packaging manufacturer

Project: AFN built deep relationships with reliable carriers to allow it to exceed expectations with high quality service.


Enabler: Amazing Print Technology (Toronto,

Customer: Top print franchise

Project: Provided unique user interface to match existing branding and existing Website, while preserving client conversion rates that are available in eCardBuilder system.


Enabler: Agistix (Redwood City, Calif.,

Customer: Fortune 500 food company

Project: Integrated data feeds from several client ERPs & WMS’s; created data normalization standards; correlated order data to shipment data; and centralized order and shipment data.


Enabler: Ariba Inc., an SAP company (Sunnyvale, Calif.,

Customer: Mediafly

Project: Dynamic discounting allowed buyers to accelerate payments for approved invoices to key suppliers in return for discounts.


Enabler: Aspen Technology Inc. (Burlington, Mass., )

Customer: $14 billion global healthcare company

Project: Implemented Aspen Supply Chain Planner, which creates an optimal monthly plan that takes in various complexities and constraints.


Enabler: Avendra LLC (Rockville, Md.,

Customer: 1859 Historic Hotels

Project: Designed flexible change management plan to suit client needs; delivered proactive reporting intelligence, effective training, issue resolution and foundation for sustained cost savings.


Enabler: Blue Sky Technologies (Waxhaw, N.C.,

Customer: Staples

Project: Staples gained real-time, triggered event management and alerting for when specific operational metrics were outside of their defined tolerance criteria.


Enabler: C2FO (Fairway, Kan.,

Customer: Costco

Project: Helped Costco redeploy its short-term cash into accounts payable. Within the first 120 days it realized over $1 million in new income through early cashflow delivery.


Enabler: C3 Solutions (Montreal,

Customer: KeHe Distributors

Project: After implementing online dock scheduling system, KeHe first piloted C3 Reservations at one of their busiest warehouses, after which they rolled out eight additional sites.


Enabler: Cadec Global Inc. (Manchester, N.H.,

Customer: Ahold USA

Project: Cadec integrated with Ahold’s TMS to measure and manage fuel consumption; provide real-time data on all assets; and allow real-time messaging between drivers and dispatch.


Enabler: Corbus LLC (Miamisburg, Ohio,

Customer: Fortune 50 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) corporation

Project: Corbus managed all of the non-strategic projects and vendors to allow the client buyers to focus only on the strategic spend, ensuring that the overall purchasing strategy was followed.


Enabler: Core Solutions Ltd. (Hong Kong,

Customer: Eurogroup

Project: Eurogroup (Hong Kong) required a Web-based solution to automate and centrally manage their sourcing process, from concept to delivery.


Enabler: Descartes Systems Group Inc. (Waterloo, Ontario,

Customer: United States Infrastructure

Project: USIC wanted to become a more fact-based organization and made the decision to implement a comprehensive, on-demand routing and mobile workforce management solution from Descartes.


Enabler: Digital Reality (Houston,

Customer: Kraftwurx

Project: Connecting consumers, manufacturers and retailers for 3D printed e-commerce, eliminating inventory and producing products locally.


Enabler: DSSI LLC. (Louisville, Ky.,

Customer: Large heavy manufacturing company

Project: Strategic sourcing initiative on eight of client’s largest volume commodity categories. By focusing spend on fewer manufacturers, the key distributors were able to reduce their warehousing costs while improving delivery timing.


Enabler: Elemica (Exton, Pa.,

Customer: INEOS Olefins & Polymers

Project: The project centered around the enablement of electronic orders, inventory and shipment and shipment instructions through integration between INEOS and their trading partners and service providers.


Enabler: Ernst & Young (London,

Customer: NIVEA India Private Ltd.

Project: The next step of Nivea’s rapid growth will be ramping up supply chain capabilities and building a robust organization and systems that can support long-term growth.


Enabler: FORTE (Mason, Ohio,

Customer: Leading quilted handbag and accessories company

Project: The newest addition to FORTE’s Smart Warehouse Suite, Warehouse Simulation, was deployed prior to implementation to help accurately forecast system performance by creating “real” conditions that strained every element of the automated warehouse.


Enabler: Gatewit (Lisbon, Portugal,

Customer: Ministry of Health

Project: The internal and external procurement process was modernized to meet the new public contract code for health sector procurement.


Enabler: Greybeard Advisors (Pittsburgh,

Customer: Fortune 500 process industry leader

Project: Completed a comprehensive assessment, business case and multi-dimensional transformation roadmap that created executive awareness and executive support for a strategic role.


Enabler: GT Nexus (Oakland, Calif.,

Customer: Pfizer

Project: “Virtualized” supply chain so that suppliers, customers and transport providers can track and trace the movement of materials anywhere using a cloud platform.


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