Follow in the Footsteps of SDCE's 2013 "100" Award Winners on the Roadmap to Project Success

FEATURED PROJECTS   Enabler: Acorn Systems Inc. (Houston, ) Customer: Fortune 500 wholesale distributor Project: The objective of the project was toprovide client with accurate customer, supplier and item...

KinaxisEnabler: Kinaxis (Ottawa,
Customer: TriQuint Semiconductor
Project: To enable TriQuint to get a true inventory projection and improve their ability to respond to changes in supply and demand.
Solutions/Services: Kinaxis RapidResponse
Business Impact: TriQuint experienced inventory reductions before the solution even went live. Within a few months, RapidResponse enabled TriQuint to assess the impact of demand and supply variation in a matter of minutes (down from days). With faster access to better data, the planning team is now able to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Liquidity Services Inc.Enabler: Liquidity Services Inc. (Washington, D.C.,
Customer: Fortune 500 OEM
Project: OEM had been selling refurbished products to a limited group of distributors via a single partner. This had a negative impact on new-product position and brand perception.
Solutions/Services: Online marketplaces, WMS, brand protection, sorting and shipping, customer fulfillment
Business Impact: Results included increased recovery by 20 percent in first six months; over 500,000 units sold in first year; expanded offline business buyer base by 70 percent to 450 buyers through transparent B2B channels.


LogilityEnabler: Logility (Atlanta,
Customer: Caribou Coffee
Project: To develop accurate visibility to drive a more efficient supply chain operation, right-size inventory, improve customer service and xpand its product sales.
Solutions/Services: Logility Voyager Solutions
Business Impact: Caribou operates above 99 percent service levels; inventory turns increased 35 percent; and obsolete inventory significantly decreased. Logility Voyager Solutions allowed Caribou to manage with more accuracy and responsiveness and helped the team move from monthly to weekly demand planning and forecasting.


Logistix SolutionsEnabler: Logistix Solutions (Herndon, Va.,
Customer: Nationwide foodservice distributor
Project: To determine the optimum warehouse/distribution facility location based on both inbound and outbound transportation costs and service factors.
Solutions/Services: Logistix Solutions’ Logix Distribution Network Design software application.
Business Impact: The Logix model, with its integrated Fleet Optimizer, was able to optimize both private fleet and LTL transport costs. The ROI of the project was immediate due to the relatively low cost of the software and the quick turnaround of the project requiring less than eight weeks to complete.


Magliner Inc.Enabler: Magline Inc. (Standish, Mich.,
Customer: Watkins Distributing Sales and Service
Project: To improve efficiency to most effectively deliver product to customers.
Solutions/Services: CooLift Delivery System: CooLift delivery cart and up to 35 or more CooLift pallets.
Business Impact: 50 percent reduction in driver product touches because drivers can deliver product on smaller CooLift pallets, which can carry up to 50 cases, without the need to down-stack product onto a hand truck for final product delivery.


NeoGridEnabler: NeoGrid (Chicago,
Customer: Leading OTC Pharma manufacturer
Project: Customer logistics team needed a balanced approach to systems and process standardization rolled out quickly to multiple retailers.
Solutions/Services: Secure cloud-based delivery of Collaborative Managed Inventory services, as well as VMI and CPFR capabilities in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
Business Impact: Increased sales opportunities through improved service stock levels, significant reduction in OOS and at-risk inventory while improving service levels. Increased visibility and less damaged and returned inventory.


Resilinc Corp.Enabler: Resilinc Corp. (San Francisco,
Customer: Network security company
Project: Supply chain resiliency
Solutions/Services: Supply chain mapping, event monitoring and proactive mitigation planning
Business Impact: Client gained proactive visibility into potential ongoing supply chain risk areas including sub-tier dependencies, across its manufacturing operations. By identifying and quantifying single points of failure, client proactively plans for and mitigates potential disruptions.


Retrotech Inc.Enabler: Retrotech Inc.: (Victor, N.Y.,
Customer: Large food company
Project: Modernization of food processing facility’s existing automated material handling workflows.
Solutions/Services: A main portion of the solution included replacing and upgrading the controls hardware and software that were discovered to be responsible for poor performance and long downtime periods.
Business Impact: The combined workflow solutions along with replacing the proprietary equipment resulted in reduction of maintenance labor by approximately 60 percent and increased on-time deliveries from 70 percent to more than 99 percent. The improved solutions also allows for appropriate scheduling of preventive maintenance, so the time required to perform preventive maintenance no longer requires overtime or third shift.


Riverwood SolutionsEnabler: Riverwood Solutions (Menlo Park, Calif.,
Customer: Lighting Sciences Group Corp.
Project: To implement improved systems and processes for demand managment within the client company and its globally-based EMS partners.
Solutions/Services: MRP; Microsoff AX as ERP; S&OP; Quality Management; Six Sigma; Product Data
Business Impact: RWS implemented KPI and reporting systems: QBR process with suppliers, standardized CTB, E&O, shortage reports, and OTD and cost tracking on 100 percent of active suppliers. Moving air freight to ocean freight, improving packaging, reducing the level of scrap at suppliers, assessing and improving efficiency in manufacturing by redesign of floor layout and work cells and driving processes to reduce inventory resulted in a 10 percent total cost reduction for key components; and yielded an approximate savings accomplished in different areas of between $8M to $12M.


Silvon Software Inc.Enabler: Silvon Software Inc. (Westmont, Ill.,
Customer: Global dairy product producer
Project: To provide better supply chain visibility and forecasting capabilities to a leading dairy products producer and distributor with $300 million in gross annual sales.
Solutions/Services: Silvon’s Stratum applications for sales analysis, inventory performance management and statistical forecasting.
Business Impact: The dairy product producer’s forecast accuracy improved by eight percent to 98 percent. It also decreased operating expenses; reduced spoiled products; and shortened forecasting time.


Source One Management Services LLC.Enabler: Source One Management Services LLC. (Willow Grove, Pa.,
Customer: Global pharmaceutical company
Project: To create a strategic sourcing department, reduce spending and implement procurement controls for growing global pharmaceutical company.
Solutions/Services: Source One’s metrics & tracking system; eSourcing; procure-to-pay (P2P); supplier management; mechanism for supplier evaluation
Business Impact: The shared services team gained traction throughout the organization once word spread about its capabilities and engaged with marketing, packaging, IT, and patient health. The new sourcing group tackled over 50 highly strategic projects in its first eight months and produced several million dollars in savings.


Steelwedge SoftwareEnabler: Steelwedge Software (Pleasanton, Calif.,
Customer: MetroPCS
Project: To create a robust methodology involving modeling, algorithms and collaborative forecasting that could truly assess “what-if” impacts for promotional options.
Solutions/Services: Steelwedge S&OP
Business Impact: MetroPCS has a complete view in an enterprise class solution allowing for accurate viewing of the SKU item master. As such, if prices change and a new SKU comes into the mix, it all goes into the system.


SYSPRO USAEnabler: SYSPRO USA (Costa Mesa, Calif.,
Customer: (formerly known as Service Lighting and Electrical Supplies)
Project: selected SYSPRO ERP software to facilitate growth, control transactions and enhance customer service.
Solutions/Services: SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning software
Business Impact: SYSPRO allows to manage the back-order process and all other information that goes into an order. had record shipping activity for December 2012. It experienced several days during which 2,700 orders were shipped in an eight-hour shift, a company record.


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