Follow in the Footsteps of SDCE's 2013 "100" Award Winners on the Roadmap to Project Success

FEATURED PROJECTS   Enabler: Acorn Systems Inc. (Houston, ) Customer: Fortune 500 wholesale distributor Project: The objective of the project was toprovide client with accurate customer, supplier and item...


Enabler: enVista (Carmel, Ind.,
Customer: Beauty products retailer
Project: A plan to analyze the impact of each supply chain variable and correlate the variables to either improved service or reduced working capital.
Solutions/Services: Advanced analytics and simulation to better understand how supply chain variability, order policies, lead times and order frequencies impacted service and cost; a merchandise planning and forecasting solution
Business Impact: Reduced inventory levels; improved inventory allocation and speed to market; improved customer service; capitalized on more sales opportunities; improved competitive advantage.


Epicor Software Corp.Enabler: Epicor Software Corp. (Dublin, Calif.,
Customer: Oliver H. Van Horn Company Inc.
Project: To implement strategic pricing—a rule-based pricing architecture module.
Solutions/Services: Epicor Prophet 21 with Strategic Pricing
Business Impact: After introducing Strategic Pricing for all but its contract customers, Van Horn experienced a 12 percent increase in profit. Additionally, price overrides were reduced by 65 percent; and the company reached a wider customer base and gained greater profits.


Enabler: E2open Inc. (Foster City, Calif.,
Customer: Motorola Solutions
Project: To design and build a solution for seamless information sharing, exception handling and closed-loop process management.
Solutions/Services: E2open’s any-to-any, cloud-based platform, which facilitates trading partner collaboration; process execution with management-by-exception capabilities; and consolidated reporting and analytics.
Business Impact: Motorola Solutions onboarded more than 1,200 trading partners to its collaboration solution, with more than 5,000 users actively collaborating on the platform. It improved on-time deliveries by two-to five percent; reduced critical parts shortages by 20 percent; and reduced response times from weeks to hours.


Fieldglass Inc.Enabler: Fieldglass Inc. (Chicago,
Customer: Global healthcare provider
Project: To shorten the cycle time associated with approving timesheets and work orders.
Solutions/Services: Fieldglass VMS.
Business Impact: Reduced timesheet cycle time by one-and-a half days. With 16,500 temporary workforce timesheets approved in this timeframe, the efficiency savings is equivalent to 24,750 days of saved transaction time. In addition, work order cycle time was reduced by two days.


Fortna Inc.Enabler: Fortna Inc. (West Reading, Pa.,
Customer: Retail apparel company
Project: To develop alternative models to optimize transportation and service to both stores and eCommerce customers.
Solutions/Services: Distribution Network Strategy Distribution Center Design Distribution Center Implementation FortnaWCS
Business Impact: Fortna helped this apparel retailer develop a five-year plan to manage multi-channel growth. It improved customer satisfaction by decreasing “order-to-truck” processing time by 50 percent; reduced returns processing costs; and enabled international orders.


GHXEnabler: GHX (Louisville, Colo.,
Customer: Anne Arundel Medical Center
Project: To leave paper-based contracts and manual price updates to automate contracting and purchasing and increase electronic data interchange (EDI) utilization.
Solutions/Services: GHX Business Solutions, GHX Exchange
Business Impact: Increased supplier divisions it transacts with from 158 to 267; increased POs transacted through GHX from 53 to 1,230; increased PO lines transacted through GHX from 415 to 5,744; and lowered contract price exception rate from 10.1 percent to 1.2 percent; and more.


Global 4PLEnabler: Global 4PL (Santa Clara, Calif.,
Customer: Global 2000 computer manufacturer
Project: To set up the legal entity process in 14 countries for such customers and work with all their local customs brokers.
Solutions/Services: Combination of WMS /TMS and Visibility for International shipments; set-up 14 depots in country to deliver replacement units next day.
Business Impact: Global 2000 computer manufacturer offers their customers same day replacement in-country, which saves 72 percent on expedited transportation cost.


HubwooEnabler: Hubwoo (Paris, France,
Customer: CONSOL Energy Inc.
Project: To address decentralized broken processes and drive efficiencies into the procurement process to exceed a goal of $25 million ROI in three years.
Solutions/Services: The Business Network by Hubwoo including modules: Catalog Manager, Search, Match & Approve, which are integrated to SAP SRM 7.0 and SAP ECC 6.0
Business Impact: $25 million in ROI and cost savings from its eProcurement/SRM project and reached a best-in-class invoice match rate of 96 percent, eliminating manual intervention and taking advantage of early payment discounts.


Intesource Inc.Enabler: Intesource Inc. (Phoenix,
Customer: Retail grocery chain
The Project: The client’s main focus was on maximizing EBITDA. One of the ways they accomplished this was to make reverse auctions an integral part of the procurement process.
Solutions/Services: E-Sourcing tools and services including identifying e-sourcing opportunities, event strategy and event setup and facilitation
Business Impact: The company implemented an e-sourcing team that reviews almost every purchase to evaluate if it's a viable e-sourcing category. The project savings reached more than $2.3 million. To date, identified savings tops $10 million.


IQMSEnabler: IQMS (Paso Robles, Calif.,
Customer: Nicolet Plastics Inc.
Project: To reduce total order to delivery time of parts by 14 days (from 21 days to seven days); reduce finished goods inventory; and respond to unexpected changes in demand without service degradation.
Solution/Services: EnterpriseIQ, the manufacturing ERP and MES software solution from IQMS.
Business Impact: A reduction of finished goods inventory from $500,000 in 2008 to an average of $200,000 in 2012. The customer also reduced lead time by seven days; and an improved working capital position (from lower inventory) enabled debt pay-down.


Isotrak Inc.Enabler: Isotrak Inc. (San Diego,
Customer: Large food retailer
Project: Supply chain efficiency
Solutions/Services: 3iSFleetVision
Business Impact: Retail customer can not only reduce wait times at vendors and distribution centers but achieve a best-in-class supply chain. Ongoing project’s proposed benefits also include achieved “just in time” deliveries; closely aligned compare plan versus actual plan with actual performance; advanced notice on true ETA; follow-up on rush orders with live updates on ETA.


John Galt Solutions Inc.Enabler: John Galt Solutions Inc. (Chicago,
Customer: Top consumer goods manufacturer
Project: The company needed to implement a software solution to move from a reactive supply chain model to a more proactive method.
Solutions/Services: John Galt Solutions Atlas Planning Suite: Demand Management, Inventory Management, Planning Portal.
Business Impact: Within a year of implementation, the company increased forecast accuracy 20 percent. Demand and supply planning functions were combined into a single role to save money on staff and improve supply chain visibility. A 20 percent revenue growth from new products and promotions was achieved.


Enabler: JVKellyGroup Inc. (Huntington, N.Y.,
Customer: Fortune100 information company
Project: To harmonize data to reduce professional services costs on a global basis with out reducing quality of services.
Solutions/Services: JVKellyGroup analytic tools and proprietary benchmark intelligence.
Business Impact: By implementing these strategies, and without a disruption in services, customer reduced expenditures 26 percent in year one across the board.


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