The 13th Annual “Pros to Know” Set the Pace for a Better Supply Chain in 2013 and Beyond

Each year, it gets harder and harder to narrow down the final list of our annual “Pros to Know” awards honoree list. And this year is no exception as the editors of Supply & Demand Chain Executive whittled the final list down from nearly 400...

• Robert Steinberg, Customer Engagement Executive, Ariba, an SAP company
• Laura Rokohl, Supply Chain Manager, Aspen Technology
• Paul Garino, Senior Director of Supply Chain Solutions, Axway
• John Webster, Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Basware
• Chris Bohill, Vice President, Consulting and Product Strategy, Biznet Solutions Ltd.
• Marc Kalman, CEO, BizSlate Inc.
• David Blinick, CEO, Blinco Systems Inc.
• Chandler Hall, Vice President, BravoSolution
• Sean Martyn, Account Director, BravoSolution
• Donald Raack, Director, BravoSolution
• John Ryan Shaw, Senior Director,
• Adoption Services, BravoSolution
• Kelly Barner, Co-owner, Buyers Meeting Point
• Derrick Moreira, Director, Censeo Consulting Group
• Tom Blanck, Principal and Practice Leader, Packaging Optimization Practice, Chainalytics
• Ron Lackey, President, CUSTOMS Info and Co-owner, Global Data Mining, (CiGDM)
• Matt Gersper, President, Global Data Mining, (CiGDM)
• Torrey Schoel, Director of Operations, Global Data Mining, (CiGDM)
• Rob Achtzehn, Director of Sales Development, CombineNet
• Steve Brooke, CTO, CombineNet
• Brett Cornell, SVP, Strategic Sourcing, CombineNet
• Rich Wilson, CEO, CombineNet
• Robert Wiedmaier, CEO, CAPS
• Patrick Reymann, Director, Strategic Sourcing Operations, Corbus LLC
• Unni Vasudev, Vice President, Supply Chain Services, Corbus LLC
• David Clevenger, Vice President, Corporate United
• Jeff Silver, CEO and Co-founder, Coyote Logistics
• Belinda Hess, Director of Food Marketing, CSX
• Rick Burian, Product Manager, CVM Solutions LLC
• Alan C. Veeck, Ph.D., Vice President, Denali Sourcing Services
• Ken Wood, SVP, Product Strategy, Descartes Systems Group
• Michael J. Oldani, Director of Strategic Sourcing, DSSI LLC
• Rich Katz, Chief Technology Officer, Elemica
• William Gindlesperger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, e-LYNXX Corp.
• Jason Mathers, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Logistics, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
• David Saroli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, e-Procurement Services (ePS)
• Chuck Baren, Director of Implementation, Fieldglass
• Eric Clark, Chief Information Officer, FORTE
• Jeff Ross, Vice President, Consulting Services, FORTE
• Matt Tormollen, President and CEO, FuelQuest
• Andrea Kostelas, Director, FulfillMED
• VK Gopalkrishnan (Gopal), Vice President and Global Practice Leader, Genpact
• Suresh Iyer, Global Practice Leader for Supply Chain Services, Genpact
• Dr. Richard Dawe, Director and Professor, Operations & Supply Chain Management Program, Ageno School of Business, Golden Gate University
• Robert A. Rudzki, President, Greybeard Advisors LLC
• Nick Parnaby, Vice President of Extended Enterprise Solutions, GXS
• Roger Layette, Director of Sales, North America, HICX Solutions Ltd.
• Constantine Limberakis, Director of Marketing, HICX Solutions Ltd.
• Doug Markle, EVP of Sales and Marketing, HICX Solutions Ltd.
• Gary Nemmers, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Solutions, HighJump Software
• Scott Frew, President and CEO, Inc.
• David Bush, Chief Executive Officer, IASTA
• Mireia Brancos, Managing Director, IASTA
• David Cravens, Managing Director, IASTA
• Sean Delaney, Vice President of Global Sales, IASTA
• Chris Jasper, Managing Director of Client Strategy, IASTA
• Scott McBride, Director of Global Alliances, IASTA
• Matt McCarrick, Vice President of Client Strategy, IASTA
• Mike Pringle, Managing Director, Europe, IASTA
• Jason Treida, Chief Operating Officer, IASTA
• Greg Laquinto, IBM Product Strategy,
• Buy Portfolio, IBM
• William Leedale, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP,
• Senior Advisor, IFS North America
• Michael A. Lyle, President and CEO, InfinityQS International Inc.
• Dr. Jeff Karrenbauer, President, INSIGHT Inc.
• Alan Drake, Director of Client Services, Integration Point
• Lani Hawks, Senior Developer, Integration Point
• Ken Peters, Director of Global Solutions,  Integration Point
• Paul Crinks, CEO, International Asset Systems (IAS)
• Tim Cummins, CEO, International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM)
• Scott Lewin, President and CEO, Invoiceware International
• Christian Hutter, SVP, Food & Beverage, Junction Solutions
• Aamer Rehman, Vice President, Industry Strategy and Solutions, Kinaxis
• Joe Flynn, Chief Executive Officer, Lavante
• Megan Pulliam, Vice President of Channel Sales, Liaison Technologies
• John Ames, Senior Vice President of Solutions & Global Alliances, LLamasoft Inc.
• Donald Hicks, Chief Executive Officer, LLamasoft Inc.
• Mike Edenfield, President and CEO, Logility
• LogiServe Inc.
Team leader: Gary A. Glisch, Chief Executive Officer
Team members: Mike Beck; Tom Beck; Jerry Hahn; Fernando De Oliveira; Marshall Pierce
• Eddie Capel, President, CEO, Manhattan Associates
• Anne Kohler, EVP and COO, The Mpower Group
• Dalip Raheja, President and CEO, The Mpower Group
• Brian Peters, Region Manager, National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED)
• Mark Burstein, President of Sales, Marketing & R&D, NGC Software
• Gregory Brady, CEO, One Network Enterprises
• Bernard Gunther, General Manager, Spend Intelligence Platform, Opera Solutions
• Brad Lillis, Senior Associate, Pace Harmon
• Christopher Stacy, Senior Associate, Pace Harmon
• John George, Solution Leader, Plan4Demand Solutions Inc.
• Andrew S. McCall, Vice President of Strategy, Plan4Demand Solutions Inc.
• Martin Nehls, Managing Partner, POOL4TOOL America
• Matthias Gutzmann, Vice President, International Operations, Procurement Leaders Network (PLN)
• Chad Gottesman, Head of Procurian Energy, Procurian
• Charles Clark, Founder, CEO, Rosslyn Analytics
• Hugh Cox, Founder, CIO, Rosslyn Analytics
• Jeff Sweetman, COO, Rosslyn Analytics
• Chris Merritt, Vice President and General Manager of Global Retail, Supply Chain Solutions,
Ryder System Inc.
• Anand Iyer, SVP, Products & Strategy, Serus Corp.
• James A. Kandilas, EVP, Principal, The Shelby Group
• Henry Popplewell, General Manager and Senior Vice President, SkyBitz Inc.
• Omer Abdullah, Managing Director, The Smart Cube Inc.
• Nelson Hartunian, President and Chief Executive Officer, Smart Software Inc.
• William Dorn, Vice President of Operations, Source One Management Services LLC
• Lindsey Fandozzi, Senior Project Manager, Source One Management Services LLC
• Diego De la Garza, Project Analyst and Liaison to Latin American Markets, Source One Management Services LLC
• Joseph Payne, Vice President of Professional Services, Source One Management Services LLC
• David Pastore, Senior Project Manager, Source One Management Services LLC
• Jeff Felix, Vice President, Operations, Sourcing Interests Group (SIG)
• John Haber, Founder and CEO, Spend Management Experts
• Mohan Ponnudurai, Industry Solutions Director, Sparta Systems
• George Fowler, Vice President, Spinnaker
• Jeff Jorgensen, Vice President, Spinnaker
• John Sharkey, Vice President, Spinnaker
• Scott Bolduc, Director of Supply Chain Strategy, SPS Commerce
• Jim Frome, EVP and COO, SPS Commerce
• Steve Murray, Principal and Chief Researcher, Supply Chain Visions
• Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA
• Raja Chandrashekar, Director, Supply Chain Center of Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
• Gautam Sardar, Chief Scientist, Global Supply Chain Center of Excellence (CoE), Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
• Jacqueline E. Bailey, Co-founder, TidalSeven
• Dan Avila, Partner, Tompkins International
• Sean Feeney, Chief Executive Officer, TradeCard
• Brian Pavlovich, Director of Consulting, Americas, Trade Extensions LLC
• Ayush Sharma, Manager, Solutions Consulting, Trade Extensions LLC
• Steve Simmerman, SVP, Business Development, TZA
• Charlie Zosel, Vice President, TZA
• Ron Kubera, SVP and General Manager, Vocollect (of Intermec Inc.)
• Paul Laman, Vice President of Sales, W&H Systems

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