SDCE100 Project Award Winners Light a Path for Supply Chain Innovation

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2012 "100" award honorees drive improvements and bottom-line value across their supply chains


Enabler: TAKE Solutions
Chennai, India,
Customer: Midmark Corp.
The Project: To enable end-to-end agility, control and visibility of the pick confirm process via extending the ERP with wireless mobile data collection, workflow and printing; and reduce out-of the-box failures caused by pre-mobility process.


Enabler: Terra Technology
(Norwalk, Conn.,
Customer: Large consumer products company
The Project: The objective was to become more demand-driven by analyzing POS and retailer data to forecast demand based on consumer behavior. In moving from a traditional manufacturing-focused supply chain orientation to a demand-driven strategy, the consumer products company recognized the explosion in point of sale (POS) data and information about customer activities from major retailers. As a result of their ability to tap into this POS activity-through implementation of Terra Technology's Multi-Enterprise Demand Sensing solution-they can now address such questions as 'How are consumers reacting?' Following, they can then make sure that they have stock in position to support that behavior.
Solutions/Services: Multi-Enterprise Demand Sensing
Business Impact: They have seen a significant reduction in rush shipment activity and the need to ship products from the west coast to the east coast upon immediate demand. By using downstream data to create more accurate forecasts, they better handle variables and generally have stock in the right place. In addition, they significantly cut their inventory levels while improving customer service.


Enabler: The Shelby Group
Customer: Fortune 500 waste management company
The Project: Source-to-Pay implementation


Enabler: Tidal Seven LLC
(Eden Prairie, Minn.,
Customer: Fortune 500 shipper
The Project: To manage the private and dedicated capacity of a Fortune 500 company, building collaborative partnerships to reduce empty miles.


Enabler: ToolsGroup
Customer: consumer goods company
The Project: trade promotion forecasting


TradeCardEnabler: TradeCard
(New York, N.Y.,
Customer: Small intimate apparel company
The Project: a small intimate apparel provider was rapidly growing and sought a standardized system to automate and streamline sourcing transactions while offering flexibility to support new business.
Solutions/Services: TradeCard Platform cloud-based solution which connects retailers and brands to suppliers and service providers on a network of 10,000 organizations in 78 countries.
Business Impact: TradeCard provided an automated sourcing environment to eliminate paper and manual tasks; automated payables, facilitated open account transactions; leveraged cloud system to triple sourcing volume without adding staff; automated and improved capture of chargebacks; deployed early payment discount program to help suppliers keep up with growth.


Enabler: TradeStone Software
(Gloucester, Mass.,
Customer: Wholesaler/retailer with four divisions
The Project: centralize sourcing across the four company divisions and move to a common system to manage both the process and data.


Enabler: Transplace
Customer: Huhtamaki
The Project— Logistics/Transportation: Huhtamaki needed to maintain low shipping rates, improve visibility and be better prepared to deal with volatile global transitions in the marketplace. Transplace developed a customer-centric technology platform to support its growing shipping needs.
Solutions/Services: Global TMS ocean import/export air import/ export expedited freight trans-load services full container load less-than-container load country-specific handling
Business Impact: The Transplace Global Transportation Management System (TMS) allows Huhtamaki to take control of its freight transportation with a single, comprehensive solution; gain real-time visibility into both inbound and outbound shipments; and merge its information and logistics components.
“Working with Transplace allowed Huhtamaki to advance its Lean Six Sigma process outputs. By consolidating operations and realizing efficiencies, we improved the strategic framework for our logistics.”—Scott Stuckenschneider, Vice President of Supply Chain, Huhtamaki


Enabler: Treya Partners
(Westlake Village, Calif.,
Customer: $3B North American retailer
The Project: To help client implement a new indirect procurement organization with responsibility for managing over $200M of indirect and capital expenditures.


Enabler: UNIT4 CODA
(Manchester, N.H.,
Customer: Global brand-name retailer
The Project: To streamline and standardize accounting processes across all countries, stores and finance departments to handle rapid expansion and support business goals.


Enabler: Upside Software Inc.
(Alberta, Canada,
Customer: Global communications and Information Technology company
The Project: To implement a new contract management system to address necessary functionality requirements to meet growing business demands.


U.S. BankEnabler: U.S. Bank
Customer: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
The Project: Save money, enhance efficiency, reduce paperwork and generate some revenue. When UCLA had its budget slashed a staggering $500 million, budget officers set out searching for places to cut. One place they looked at was their accounts payable. UCLA pays over half a million invoices a year; until recently about four-fifths got paid by check. What was needed was an easy-to-use electronic payment method for big ticket expenditures that made up the bulk of their spend.
Solutions/Services: U.S. Bank Access Online Payment Plus (electronic invoice paying)
Business Impact: Close to 200 vendors are signed up. University officials estimate their yearly volume of Payment Plus payments could soon exceed U.S. $54 million a year, which adds up to a sizable revenue share check from their bank partner.


Enabler: Volt Consulting Group
(New York, N.Y.,
Customer: Six Fortune 500 companies
The Project: Analyze labor rate data using sophisticated new tools/practices to arrive at data driven decision support on human capital purchasing.


Enabler: W&H Systems Inc.
(Carlstadt, N.J.,
Customer: Oriental Trading Company
The Project:  LaVista, Neb.-based 750,000 square foot distribution center transitioned from a paper-driven organization to a highly automated facility that manages $30,000 SKUs and handles over 400,000 items daily.


Enabler: Zionex Inc.
Customer: High-tech electronics company
The Project: global supply chain planning

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