SDCE100 Project Award Winners Light a Path for Supply Chain Innovation

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2012 "100" award honorees drive improvements and bottom-line value across their supply chains


LogilityEnabler: Logility
Customer: Global Fortune 500 manufacturer
The Project: To determine the optimal inventory levels to serve customers; establish & measure inventory targets; and dynamically adjust to changing marketing conditions to create a competitive advantage. In addition, the company needed to minimize stock-outs and expedited shipments while quickly responding to changing market conditions.
Solutions/Services: Logility Voyager Inventory Optimization
Business Impact: The company had a total deduced inventory of 37 percent. Additionally, they maintained or improved customer service levels; enabled a higher degree of visibility across its supply chain; gained powerful “what if” scenario planning to support the S&OP process; and optimized the global supply chain.


Enabler: Lucas Systems Inc.
(Wexford, Pa.,
Customer: The Container Store
The Project: The Container Store installed Jennifer VoicePlus to improve the productivity of picking processes in their distribution center in coordination with their Catalyst Warehouse Management System.


Enabler: Manhattan Associates
Customer: Lennox International Inc.
The Project: Warehouse Management: Lennox International moved from a national stocking strategy to a hub and spoke model (replenishment time from four days down to one day) to enable their new store fronts.


Mobile DemandEnabler: Mobile Demand
(Hiawatha, Iowa,
Customer: Norfolk Southern Corp.
The Project: Norfolk Southern needed to make it easier for their customers to track their shipments in real time.
Solutions/Services: 1200 MobileDemand T8700 Rugged Tablet PC’s.
Business Impact: Norfolk Southern’s In Transit Visibility solution—RIT (Remote Intelligent Terminal)—is part of its Track 2012 process, a plan to significantly improve all aspects of the company’s business. Prior to RIT, crews recorded information on paper and faxed it to centralized yard operations at the end of the workday. RIT saves time over conventional methods and ensures more accurate data reporting and real-time information.


Enabler: ModusLink Global Solutions
Customer: Mobile communications leader
The Project: global supply chain outsourcing, fulfillment and packaging


Enabler: Murphy Warehouse Co.
Customer: Interalia
The Project: Murphy Warehouse Company partnered with Interalia to store, distribute and handle logistical services of all U.S. shipments.


Enabler: NetSuite Inc.
(San Mateo, Calif.,
Customer: Leading image capture company
The Project: to streamline global business processes—including manufacturing, distribution and sales—with a cloud-based ERP solution.


Next Level Purchasing Inc.Enabler: Next Level Purchasing Inc.
Customer: Next Level Purchasing Association
The Project: To provide purchasing and supply chain professionals an authoritative library of resources to enable them to implement effective solutions and achieve better procurement results.
Solutions/Services: Next Level Purchasing Association
Business Impact: While the procurement departments of yesteryear may have created requests for proposals, supplier scorecards, internal customer service surveys and checklists from scratch, the time and resources required to develop those tools internally—or even scan through search results full of less-than-authoritative links—are no longer available luxuries. To address this challenge, the Next Level Purchasing Association offers the NLPA Library, a comprehensive resource center featuring a collection of supply management templates; checklists; slide decks; archived Webinars; transcripts from interviews with industry experts; and much more. The NLPA Library has been established to provide procurement professionals with readily available and high-quality solutions to a variety of challenges they are likely to face, whether they are preparing themselves for the future or responding to an urgent need.


Enabler: NGC Software
Customer: Global women’s and girl’s fashion company
The Project: Improve collaboration and visibility with global supply chain; replace spreadsheets and manual processes; improve speed of supply chain execution.


NovationEnabler: Novation
(Irving, Texas,
Customer: Novation
The Project: Novation needed a way to manage its RFP and contracting processes quickly and efficiently. This included finding a way to integrate and consolidate diverse business applications to streamline workflow.
Solutions/Services: Emptoris Sourcing and Emptoris Contract Management
Business Impact: The entire enterprise moved to the new system with virtually no need to re-engineer business processes or create new burdens on resources. Novation’s move to Emptoris has not negatively impacted any of the cycle time metrics that are tracked. Instead, approval and execution metrics have been favorable since the implementation of the system. In less than six months, Novation released more than 100 RFx’s to more than 750 suppliers.


Customer: Top 10 Third Party Logistics company
The Project: The objective was to substantially reduce manual labor, A/P and A/R delay; and provide single-point integration to multiple on-premise applications, TMS’s and cloud-based WMS’s.
Solutions/Services: NTE ERP platform features (TMS, B2B Collaboration UI, EDI/XML business rules and resolution process) and B2B collaboration
Business Impact: Substantial reduction in data error resulted in ongoing manual effort, delay in payment to carriers and delay in billing clients. All systems are now single point integrated rather than a patch-quilt of multiple integrations from all systems and carriers to all systems and carriers, which can create a administration and maintenance challenge for IT to handle.


OptricityEnabler: Optricity
(Research Triangle Park, N.C.,
Customer: Global consumer packaged goods company
The Project: With a goal to improve warehouse slotting practices in order to cut costs , the customer identified a need for an advanced slotting tool. The customer’s desired outcome for this slotting project was significant order picking travel reduction or notable overall cost reduction.
Solutions/Services: OptiSlot DC
Business Impact: The customer completed this slotting project in two months, and the resulting benefit was a 21 percent reduction in order picking travel distance. In addition to surpassing the travel reduction objective, this project yielded results beyond the scope of the original initiative. Using customer data, OptiSlot visually and quantitatively demonstrated that, in the pre-project state, products were poorly slotted in putaway groups. OptiSlot recommended putaway grouping improvements based on an analysis of item velocities and input from the client.  Also, OptiSlot identified items where at least 90 percent of outbound velocity was in cases. OptiSlot was then able to slot those pallets above the case pick line, thereby increasing replenishment efficiency.  Finally, based on customer defined constraints, OptiSlot identified out-of-place items and slotted them effectively in the correct aisles.


PINC SolutionsEnabler: PINC Solutions
(Alameda, Calif.,
Customer: DSC Logistics
The Project—To gain efficiency and lower costs at DSC Logistics’ Mira Loma, Calif.-based site, DSC Logistics deployed PINC’s advanced yard management solution which consisted of passive-RFID tags placed on containers; readers installed on the yard trucks; and software to manage read data that could then be shared with operations, customers and freight companies via the Web.
Solutions/Services: PINC Solutions’ Advanced Yard Management Systems (YMS)
Business Impact: The PINC system enabled the company to achieve savings by increasing the yard-goat drivers’ productivity, reducing average travel distance within the yard, streamlining communication between drivers and the shipping office and eliminating the manual yard-check process. It also provided operators the ability to share data with freight carriers and customers; and utilize the system to resolve detention claims from their carriers.

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