SDCE100 Project Award Winners Light a Path for Supply Chain Innovation

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2012 "100" award honorees drive improvements and bottom-line value across their supply chains

Enabler: IASTA
(Carmel, Ind.,
Customer: Cushman & Wakefield
The Project: Customer’s procurement had no professional function in place and suffered from a legacy of employees making independent purchasing decisions.
Solutions/Services: Iasta SmartSource; Iasta Sourcing Acceleration Center. Iasta SmartAnalytics implementation is underway 2012.
Business Impact: The procurement team built a portfolio of successful RFP’s, reverse auctions and solid contract management examples. To date, $35 million in client spend has run through reverse auctions and nearly 400 client contracts sit in the tool. Online bidding within the tool allows C&W to show prospective clients their approach is different from its competitors because they use technology to encourage open competition instead of one-on-one conversations. Contract management technology makes certain insurance certificated are up-to-date and proper planning time is allotted when contracts are about to expire. “While C&W’s competitors are focused on creating global deals, C&W uses technology to make sure that the right decision is being made for each particular client—while at the same time, the data stored in SmartSource helps identify opportunities where bigger leverage would be appropriate. The data now in the tool will provide a ‘to-do’ list for years to come. And as we implement SmartAnalytics, we are excited about the reporting and analytical tools that will soon be at our fingertips.”—Joanna Martinez Executive Managing Director & Chief Procurement Officer Cushman & Wakefield Inc.


IES Ltd.Enabler: IES Ltd.
(Midland Park, N.J.,
Customer: Logistics service provider
The Project: This added functionality equips LSPs with the tools they need to effectively manage their customer’s global supply chains and deliver a higher level of service.
Solutions/Services: Web-based, ASP solution for purchase order management. The EDI-capable product integrates with trading partners, collaboratively bringing diverse supply chain participants into one streamlined system.
Business Impact: The Web-based IES PO Management solution allows LSPs to offer this valuable service and tap into a new revenue source. With the IES eCellerate solution in place, companies can unlock one of the most important cost-saving options available—EDI. With the automated import of purchase order information, huge savings in labor and error-related costs can be realized. The overall result is a value-added service with a minimum of labor-costs; it enables LSPs to expand/supplement their product offerings and increase revenue.


Enabler: IHS Inc.
IHS is a leading source of information and analysis in critical areas that shape end-to-end value chains, including supplier and supply risk management; technology insight, component supply, bill-of-materials (BOM) and parts management; item logistics and procurement; commodity cost and pricing analysis; economic and industry forecasts; supply chain risk management and strategy planning. Its solutions have uniquely helped supply chain executives and practitioners solve a wide range of complex supply chain challenges. This includes offering strategies to alleviate problems created during the Japan crisis and Thailand floods, as well as mitigating serious risks from the use of counterfeit and high risk parts and materials.


Enabler: InfinityQS International
Customer: snack food manufacturer
The Project: quality management system implementation


InmarEnabler: Inmar
Winston-Salem, N.C.,
Customer: Healthcare company
The Project: Inmar entered into a strategic relationship with the client to identify root causes of unsaleables and develop a plan for reduction.
Solutions/Services: N/A
Business Impact: The healthcare company tracked unsaleables data nationally including certain retail partners. In doing so, the customer was able to realize the following: relative to one particular retail client, unsaleables decreased by 29 percent in 2010 from the prior year and beat the aggressive reduction target established by the business. In addition, the client's unsaleables decreased on a national level in excess of $5 million in 2010 from the prior year and beat financial targets.


Enabler: INSIGHT Inc.
Customer: Leading brand beverage provider
The Project: Supply chain network design


Enabler: Insight Sourcing Group
(Norcross, Ga.,
Customer: Two U.S. top-four mattress manufacturers
The Project: To identify areas of savings opportunity for both individual companies and combined strategic sourcing projects (M&A Procurement Integration)


Enabler: Integration Point
(Charlotte, N.C.,
Customer: Fortune 500 healthcare company
The Project: Implement FTA software to assist with trade agreement qualifications, handling Bill of Material analysis and requesting/producing Certificates of Origin.


IAS-International Asset SystemsEnabler: IAS-International Asset Systems
(Oakland, Calif.,
Customer: Freight forwarder
The Project: Automate moving off manual (phone, fax, email) statuses of various event milestones; and facilitate matching and mating of container/shipment to inland rail, truck and customer delivery locations
Solutions/Services: IAS Dispatch cloud-based TMS solution
Business Impact: “The IAS platform enabled us to connect to and leverage our community of motor carriers in the U.S. on a common platform and gateway, streamlining our processes and automating information flows across all parties. We are able to facilitate the dispatch, capture the delivery details, the ePOD and the return of the container to the owner while providing backhaul opportunities and reduction of empty miles.”—Head of Global Intermodal for IAS global freight forwarder customer.


John Galt Solutions Inc.Enabler: John Galt Solutions Inc.
Customer: Kemps
The Project:  Order/Demand Management/Forecasting: Kemps recognized that their existing demand management methods were inadequate to deal with their highly promotional business. They sought a system that would be able to give greater visibility into the impact of promotions on demand without requiring a great deal of manual maintenance.
Solutions/Services: John Galt Solutions - Atlas Planning Suite
Business Impact: In the last six months, Kemps has improved their forecast accuracy from the 60 to 70 percent range to more than 90 percent. This accuracy improvement drove a tremendous increase in customer service level, reducing stock-outs and enabling a 2012 project to reduce inventory costs. Stock-outs have been tremendously reduced as well, recapturing lost sales.


JVKellyGroup Inc.Enabler: JVKellyGroup Inc.
(Huntington, N.Y.,
Customer: Global insurance company
The Project: To implement a centralized Contract Management System that can be maintained and used locally in a cost-effective manner. Additional project objectives were to track expiration dates, certifications and key data points specific to the client; and to get the system up and running for under a budget of $50,000 including a custom dashboard, specific reporting and client-specific design and branding.
Solutions/Services: JVKellyGroup’s Contract Mangement Solution
Business Impact: The organization was able to quickly gain control over their contracts, stay under budget with the project and have a tool that can be used across the enterprise with definite results. From an audit perspective, it gave transparency to agreements and tracked expirations and key clauses. From an operational perspective, it allowed sharing and visibility into existing agreements for better utilization of approved suppliers. The roll-out to the field was easy and uncomplicated since the tool was intuitive and the total solution permitted excellent communications between the users and the administrators to expedite the answering of any questions.


Enabler: Kinaxis
Customer: Premier provider of innovative measurement solutions in the electronic test, life science and chemical analysis markets
The Project: vertically-integrated planning process


Enabler: LeanLogistics
(Holland, Mich.,
Customer: Supplier and solutions provider to food service, in-store bakery and retail markets
The Project: Company needed centralized control, scalability and visibility into process to better manage and measure transportation execution management.


LogFireEnabler: LogFire
Customer: Supermercados Peruanos S.A. (SPSA)
The Project: Challenged with expansion, SPSA required a mature, robust, and scalable WMS system that could be implemented entirely in four months. In addition, logistical processes needed to be redesigned and integrated with SAP’s existing ERP system.
Solutions/Services: SaaS WMS Systems and Dashboard Solutions
Business Impact: The LogFire solution provided the necessary flexibility for SPSA to extend its supply chain and implement a new distribution center with a Tier 1. LogFire was able to train and certify SPSA’s operators with new functionality and new processes at SPSA, meeting their tight timeline to complete the project. In addition to increasing its productivity and service levels, SPSA decreased its start-up costs and reduced implementation timelines. “LogFire’s SaaS model provided us the necessary flexibility to extend our supply chain and implement a new distribution center with a Tier 1 WMS solution right before the end of year peak season, which was our major goal. LogFire was able to train and certify our operators with new functionality and processes never before used at SPSA.”—Gabriel Ortiz, Vice President, Supply Chain, SPSA

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