SDCE100 Project Award Winners Light a Path for Supply Chain Innovation

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 2012 "100" award honorees drive improvements and bottom-line value across their supply chains

Epicor Software Corp.Enabler: Epicor Software Corp.
(Dublin, Calif.,
Customer: CPO Commerce Inc.
The Project: Epicor provided CPO Commerce an integrated business software solution to support business management and control in order to promote efficiency, growth and profitability.
Solutions/Services: Epicor ERP
Business Impact: Implementation proved to be a valuable process for the company. CPO liked that Epicor sells their software direct and felt comfortable that the Epicor implementation team is also involved in the development of the software and could work on future patches and other upgrades. Easy accessibility to data was another important piece of criteria to CPO and the business activity queries (BAQs) available in Epicor was a very important functionality and a big differentiator during the selection process.


Enabler: Fieldglass Inc.
Customer: Large manufacturing company
The Project: With five different accounting systems in place, the customer was looking for ways to automate the invoicing process and streamline payments; and reduce risk and provide visibility into its current contingent workforce.


Enabler: Focus Chain
(Bogota, Colombia)
Customer: Energy tools company
The Project: Reduce time to market adopting supply chain best practices like Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and define an effective planning cycle that include demand management practices and tools before balancing with supply chain resources in order to take the most profitable decisions.


Enabler: FORTE
(Mason, Ohio,
Customer: Retail apparel company
The Project: Retailer’s manual, paper-based, put-to-store system required the breakdown and sortation of items in each case into totes before manually pushing a train of totes to each of 16 put lanes. As a result, each garment was touched twice before it was packed. In order to automate this labor-intensive operation, FORTE built an additional 16 lanes on a mezzanine level over the existing operation. The manual breakdown operation was completely eliminated. Pallet loads of individual SKUs are now brought to a case conveyor that sorts them into the appropriate put lanes. A state-of-the-art put-to-light system was implemented and is controlled by FORTE’s Smart Warehouse Suite warehouse control system (WCS) software. The Smart Warehouse Suite’s Automation Director receives the store requirements from the warehouse management system and dynamically routes the cases to the appropriate put lanes. Automation Director dynamically re-routes residual products from cases that weren’t fully depleted in a lane into other put lanes and uses a unique algorithm to automatically assign excess units to the highest volume stores.
Solutions/Services: Material Handling Automation; Put to Light; Warehouse Control System (WCS) software
Business Impact: With 755 stores across the country, the major fashion retailer is able to handle triple the unit volume; double the number of stores serviced; eliminate the breakdown process; increase efficiency in the put-to-store process by more than 25 percent; improve accuracy of shipments to the stores from 93 to 99.5 percent; and handle seasonal peaks with limited overtime. The increased capacity has shortened the time from when the product is received at the distribution center to the store shelf and has enabled the retailer to add related product lines such as footwear and fragrances.


FortnaEnabler: Fortna
(Reading, Pa.,
Customer: Major retailer
The Project: The primary business objective of the project was to retrofit its distribution centers and remap its distribution process to better support company growth. This retailer’s five distribution centers could not keep pace with company’s expansion of 30 new stores per year. Each distribution center handled a specific channel with no redundancy. In addition, the equipment and procedures were outdated.
Solutions/Services: Distribution center optimization services; Material Handling Systems (Dematic Put to Light, Print and Apply); program management; system integration (Manhattan Associates WMS); operations support
Business Impact: This retailer cut in half the time to ship from distribution center to store and lowered operational costs by $23 million. Fortna helped retrofit retailer’s distribution centers and remap its distribution process—cutting in half the time it took to ship from the distribution center to the store. The project entailed closing three distribution centers and significantly updating the remaining two—including a move from batch ticketing of products to an on-demand flow ticketing model.  Now, both distribution centers are fully redundant and accommodate every channel.


GatewitEnabler: Gatewit
Customer: Instituto de Segurança Social - ISS
The Project: ISS decided to reorganize their procurement department in order to centralize buying information, standardize the purchasing process and gain control over spend.
Solutions/Services: Gatewit Public Sourcing Platform; Process Re-engineering; Change Management; Training
Business Impact: Gatewit Sourcing helped ISS standardize its processes reducing the tender cycle with automated workflows; decrease time between different stages; and centralize all its procurement information in one body. In the last year ISS was able to estimate more than five million Euros saved directly through sourcing processes; 60 percent savings in administrative tasks; and 30 percent negotiation power savings with eAuctions.


Genpact LimitedEnabler: Genpact Limited
(Hamilton, HM AX, Bermuda,
Customer: Energy Major
The Project—Objective was to achieve a price deflation of 1.8+ percent and improve availability of materials/services sourced for handling of equipment outages.
Solutions/Services: Oracle e-Business suite (for procurement processes); proprietary tool for outage planning; Microsoft Office suite for transactional sourcing
Business Impact: The project yielded a price savings of $1.8MM in Year 1.The second-year target of $1.2MM was met in the first quarter of 2012. The projected savings for the remaining part of the year is $5MM. The backlog of purchase orders has been reduced by 50 percent and the time taken to add new vendors has dropped from 35 to 21 days. Accounts payables issues have been reduced by 56 percent, improving supplier relationships.


GEPEnabler: GEP
(Clark, NJ.,
Customer: global proprietary computer storage and data management company
The Project: procurement outsourcing


GHXEnabler: GHX
(Louisville, Colo.,
Customer: Champlain Health Supply Services (CHSS)
The Project: To build an integrated supply chain system that would improve performance and generate $32.5M in cumulative cost savings over a 10-year period.
Solutions/Services: GHX Business Solutions
Business Impact: “Working with GHX, we have taken a group of hospitals and put into place the framework and building blocks to help enable them to fully control and drive spend. We had set a goal of $32 million in supply chain cost savings over a 10-year period but with the capabilities of Procurement Suite, we now expect to realize that goal in just six years.” —John Martin, Director, Hospital Services, Queensway Carleton Hospital, and Regional Lead, Champlain Health Supply Services


Enabler: Global4PL
(Santa Clara, Calif.,
Customer: Telecomm company
The Project: to manage inbound supply chain from Asia; connect multiple CM/suppliers to allow Merge In Transit to satisfy customer orders directly bypassing distribution center and hubs and Europe.
Solutions/Services: POHorizon Visibility and PO/Invoice/ Management Document Control Management Freight Billing Software Integration with Ariba and Oracle suppliers
Business Impact: Inventory carrying cost reduction handling cost reduction; shorter delivery cycles; greater control of inventory in transit; greater import/export compliance by controlling the classification, COO and valuation of the shipments.


Enabler: Greybeard Advisors LLC
Customer: Fortune 500 company
The Project: procurement assessment and transformation


Enabler: GT Nexus
Customer: Fortune 100 manufacturing company
The Project: global supply chain visibility control tower


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