The Revolutionaries: 7 Dot Coms Transforming the Way You Purchase

[From iSource Business, September 2000] Like most revolutions, this one follows the leaders, among them our pick of the most interesting e-business companies: Ariba, Commerce One, FreeMarkets, Ventro,, Extricity and Bowstreet. They're very different companies in their contributions to procurement and e-business as a whole, as well as in their visions of the future and their roles in propelling the Internet revolution. For now, their esprit de corps derives from the gigantic adrenaline rush that comes from hurling weapons of mass disruption at the old regime.

Each one represents a separate piece of the e-business puzzle. We'll show you not only what these companies are doing to change the way the B2B strategic sourcer buys, but also how and why they're doing it. At the very least, we should credit the Internet revolution with turning our attention from the mundane to this delightful, weightless realm of possibilities. But should you march to the guns or wait for the all quiet? What will the world look like when the smoke clears?