Climbing the Summit

[From iSource Business, December 2000] The iSource Top 100 Summit, January 8 - 11 at the Hotel Embarcadero in San Francisco, will bring together the pioneers of e-procurement and the people at ground zero tasked with leading their companies into the New Economy. That would be you. Attend the Summit and go home with the information your company needs to get a move on. It's that simple.

iSource and are the first and only print and Net-based resources dedicated to providing e-procurement news and information to CEOs and executives, business owners and purchasing and supply chain professionals. As part of our commitment to being the best at what we do, we've put together a dream team of the Top 100 companies that have pioneered e-procurement technologies and are changing the way business buys.

The Top 100 were selected by an advisory panel composed of the editors at iSource, writers, purchasing professionals and technology pros well-versed in e-procurement.

Companies were selected based on the following criteria:

  • A pioneering role in e-procurement:
    Where was the company when B2B was born? What was the future it saw that others didn't? How did it make this vision a reality?

  • Technological innovation
    What cool thing did the company invent or improve? Did it have a practical application that made the innovation useful? Did it create a standard others have followed?

  • Continued innovation
    Does the company refuse to rest on its laurels? Is it eager to maintain its leadership role? Is it continuing to develop proprietary technologies, or to reach out and incorporate innovations it can use to make its product or service even better?

  • Solid market positioning
    Does the company know its customers? Is it responsive to what they want? Is it striving to meet their needs? Does it know where it's going?

  • Industry transformation
    What has the company done to change purchasing and supply chain management? Is it introducing companies to new sources or new markets? Is its technology saving buyers time and money? Is it easing the way for suppliers to participate?

  • Product and/or service attributes
    Is the technology worth the implementation? Can a company's customers expect reasonable time to market? Is it following through as promised? Can customers measure performance? Do they see an immediate difference or have a reasonable expectation of hitting their numbers on time? Are users satisfied with their online experience?

  • Adaptability
    Does the company's technology integrate with existing systems? Is it able to update or change its technology as the need arises? Can it accommodate the different needs of its customers?

Summit Search and Rescue Making the Climb Easier

  • Materials management

  • Global sourcing

  • Emerging markets

  • Global cost management

  • Process management/hardware capabilities

  • Supply chain

  • Contract administration

  • Acquisition

  • Transactional software

  • Auctions (RFPs and RFQs)

  • Training and free software downloads

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