To Market, To Market: An Analyst-eye View of Net Markets

[From iSource Business, February 2001] What if your company institutes a business plan around one marketplace, only to see it self-immolate a month later? To get some perspective on what's style and what's substance, iSource Business interviewed some of the leading B2B analysts. Lending their collective intelligence were Eric Upin of Robertson Stephens, Joanne Friedman of the META Group and Mark Withington of Aberdeen Group. To avoid reaching Michener-like length, we focused on three questions:

  1. What is your overall view of Net markets?

  2. How fast are companies embracing Net markets and e-procurement, in general?

  3. What do purchasers need to stay abreast of?

Joanne Friedman

Web Squared

There's No There, There

Eric Upin

Hard Act to Follow

Mark Withington

As Fast as the Hype?

The Big Payoff