Printing the World Over

[From iSource Business, June 2001] A giant media and communications conglomerate with independent divisions wants to realize the efficiencies of aggregating its more than $300 million commercial print buy for all its diverse groups. The challenge: The company doesn't want to centralize its procurement.

One of the most striking characteristics of AOL Time Warner, the world's first Internet-powered media and communications company, is that it's essentially a conglomeration of diverse businesses. Despite their different missions, they still share a need to produce print products. For example, Time Life Books is considerably different from the Atlanta Braves yet they can both benefit from an efficient system to buy commercial print.

Using the integrated print management system created by the Pittsburgh, Pa. company printCafe, AOL Time Warner has aggregated its commercial print buy across a shared collection of approved print suppliers. This allows each company to maintain individualized buying needs, while sharing a common buying tool.