2011 Supply and Demand Chain Executive 100

100 Great Supply Chain Projects


Enabler: Management Dynamics, Inc. (East Rutherford, NJ, managementdynamics.com)
Customer: Abercrombie & Fitch (Apparel)
The Project: Visibility into global shipments.
Solution: Management Dynamics' Supply Chain Visibility solution.
Business Impact: The solution has allowed Abercrombie & Fitch to receive notice of inbound shipments approximately 10 days sooner than previously. The solution allows A&F to collaborate with merchants and service providers to reduce costs, shipment delays and improve customer service. The visibility A&F has gained lets it manage its expanding international footprint without expanding its staff.


Oildex, a service of Transzap, Inc.Enabler: Oildex, a service of Transzap, Inc. (Denver, transzap.com/oildex.com)
Customer: Williams Companies (Energy)
The Project: Early payment discount capture. Williams wrestled with the challenge of efficiently processing thousands of invoices before they became past due, which resulted in late payment fees for the company.
Solutions/Services: Oildex's ePayables solution, Spendworks.
Business Impact: Bills paid on time, and estimated savings of $1.7 million a year in early payment discounts. Supplier relationships have also improved.


Enabler: Puridiom (Mechanicsburg, PA, puridiom.com)
Customer: Top 100 Defense Contractor
The Project: e-Procurement solution. Automate largely paper-intensive process, ensure corporate policy compliance, ease federal audits.
Solutions/Services: Puridiom Hosted Enterprise Procurement Solution
Business Impact: Greater visibility into spending; easier, faster, more competitive procurements; more efficient, virtual approval process. Correct approval workflow and validation of data at every step ensure correct information and attachments from the start of the process. Management has gained greater control over the timing of purchases. In addition, Puridiom's CPSR (Contractor Purchasing System Review)-ready technology and integration has eased the burden and assisted the client with mission-critical audits.


ReSolveEnabler: ReSolve (Peabody, MA, resolvebyarrow.com)
Customer: National multiple system operator
The Project: Establish a more cost-effective way to manage returned DVRs.
Solutions/Services: Product returns and service spares management solutions.
Business Impact: By sending retired DVR equipment directly to a ReSolve facility, the MSO saves money by utilizing returned material from its own product stream to create service spares inventory. Also, by remarketing the returned hard drives, ReSolve brings revenue back to the MSO.


Enabler: Riverwood Solutions (Menlo Park, CA, rwsops.com)
Customer: Fortune 500 electronic component manufacturer
The Project: In/outsourcing decision and supplier selection.
Solutions/Services: Value chain analysis, with supply chain modeling, supplier quoting and evaluation, and pro forma financial modeling.
Business Impact: By using outside factories in existing low-cost locations, Riverwood demonstrated capital savings of $160 million compared to baseline option of new internal factory, while still achieving product cost target.


ShipXpress Inc. Enabler: ShipXpress Inc. (Jacksonville Beach, FL, shipxpress.com)
Customer: Green Plains Trade Group (Ethanol)
The Project: A collaborative, fully integrated software platform for planning and execution of contracts, trading, distribution and delivery of Ethanol among traders, producers, buyers, sellers and carriers.
Solutions/Services: Hosted proprietary software platform.
Business Impact: The Portal reduces supply, distribution and freight costs, creates trading opportunities, and reduces man hours for all industry participants. Process improvements include better shipment planning, freight rates management, truck tendering, ratability and position reporting, logistics planning, freight accrual, and freight payment processing.


Silvon Software, Inc. Enabler: Silvon Software, Inc. (Westmont, IL, silvon.com)
Customer: Mid-market producer and distributor of dairy products
The Project: Supply chain business intelligence. Provide better supply chain visibility and forecasting capabilities to a leading dairy products producer and distributor with $300 million in gross annual sales.
Solutions/Services: Silvon's Stratum applications for sales analysis, inventory performance management and statistical forecasting.
Business Impact: Forecast accuracy improved to 98%, operating expenses decreased. Reduced spoiled product or product facing expiration to its goal of .25% of gross sales. Sales team spends less time forecasting and more time strategically selling.


Smart Software, Inc. Enabler: Smart Software, Inc. (Belmont, MA, smartcorp.com)
Customer: Prestolite Electric (Automotive/Heavy Equipment)
The Project: Forecasting/S&OP. Increase sales and cash flow by reducing unnecessary inventory and stocking the right parts in sufficient quantities.
Solutions/Services: SmartForecasts demand forecasting, planning and inventory optimization system.
Business Impact: Increased availability of critical parts from the mid-60-percent range up to the high-80-percent level, while reducing overall inventory by 25%. Increased parts availability also dramatically improved customer service, resulting in virtually no complaints about stock-outs. Fill rates increased from 80% to 95% in aftermarket business.


Source One Management Services, LLC Enabler: Source One Management Services, LLC (Willow Grove, PA, sourceoneinc.com)
Customer: Multi-billion dollar global mining & minerals processing company
The Project: MRO sourcing/spend reduction. Reduce costs, strengthen controls and increase efficiencies in MRO spend.
Solutions/Services: Data cleansing initiative, with propriety matching technologies in conjunction with a low-cost country data-specialty firm. E-sourcing technologies, market intelligence collected from other industries, and change management services in order to drive compliance.
Business Impact: Total hard dollar savings of 15%, with revamped and streamlined ordering processes and subsequent compliance monitoring.


TradeCard, LLC Enabler: TradeCard, Inc. (New York, tradecard.com)
Customer: Major global outdoor sportswear company
The Project: Supply network efficiency, visibility.
Solutions/Services: TradeCard/Factory Xpress
Business Impact: Automation and connectivity allowed the company to cut costs and grow business efficiently with less paper and manual tasks. It automated purchase orders, invoices, accounts payables, settlements, early payments, customs and vendor compliance. Today, just one accounts payable person approves all vendor payments.


Treya Partners Enabler: Treya Partners (Thousand Oaks, CA, treyapartners.com)
Customer: Leading N. American manufacturer of windows, siding and other building products
The Project: Procurement cost reduction and process improvement. Deliver a minimum of $4 million hard sustainable cost savings.
Solutions/Services: Spend analysis and opportunity assessment services. Strategic sourcing services. Group purchasing agreements with pre-existing, deeply discounted pricing for cost savings in simpler indirect spend categories
Business Impact: Total contract-length cost savings of $5.5 million were realized on an addressed spend base of $38.3 million across five spend categories (wireless telecom, IT hardware, small parcel freight, office products and audio conference services).


U.S. BankEnabler: U.S. Bank (Minneapolis, usbpayment.com)
Customer: U.S. Department of Defense
The Project: Automating paper-based payments. Automate processing of the Department of Defense's transportation payments.
Solutions/Services: U.S. Bank Freight Payment.
Business Impact: Cumulatively, U.S. Bank has electronically paid more than 1.3 billion invoices for the DoD. By using U.S. Bank Freight payment and creating an interface with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service and military services' accounting systems, by 2010 DFAS has reduced its charges to the military services by over $200 million/year.


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