Supply Chain and Sustainability - Will This Marriage Last?

By Bill Schneiderman

What does it take to make a marriage work? Common interests and values of the partners represent a good beginning, along with good chemistry. But it takes more than common interests and chemistry to develop and sustain a relationship. It also takes a mature approach by each person, along with an appreciation of building something together that is bigger than the sum of the two individuals. Business works the same way.

Common Interests and Mutual Attraction

Traditional supply chain interests center around cost, quality and delivery. These interests intersect neatly with sustainability in our real-world examples of supply chain blocking and tackling improvement initiatives, including:

  • Reducing package size, weight and expense
  • Increasing production yields
  • Cutting product returns and repairs
  • Optimizing production and distribution networks

A Mature Approach Drives More Substantial Results

Will this Marriage Last?

  • Become or remain important in the bigger picture of strategic competitive advantage;
  • Are integrated, in name and in practice, with one another and with core business processes;
  • Contribute to higher levels of enterprise maturity; and,
  • Incorporate end-to-end thinking, proactive planning and process development, consistent execution and realistic business decisions into everyday operation of the business.

About the Author: Bill Schneiderman is founder and CEO of The Results Group. Building on his experience as a university professor, line manager and consultant, Schneiderman and his team have built a client list that includes many of Silicon Valley's established and emerging companies, along with selected companies in traditional industries. The author can be reached at More information on The Results Group at