Voice in a Multicultural DC/Warehouse

By Tom Upshur

Voice, Defined

Voice in Multiple Languages

Leveling the Playing Field

it gives all of their workers a level playing field

  • Better productivity, because workers adapt quickly and comfortably to the new system. And in the case of a speaker-dependent system, the system itself adapts to them.
  • Less training cost and time — DC/warehouse workers, including casual workers, can be trained in less than an hour and be working productively within a day. This is particularly critical for seasonal workers and retail distribution, where high levels of temporary staff are utilized.
  • Familiar, two-way communication using natural language patterns improves efficiency, because voice helps all workers perform their best, regardless of what language they speak.
  • Workers feel that their company leadership has positioned them to best succeed in their position. This boosts their personal job satisfaction and helps the organization achieve longer-term employee retention.

Voice, Deconstructed

Only the Beginning

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