Green is Global

By Andrew K. Reese

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What Is Green?

  • Energy consumption — the electricity, gas and fuel consumed by your company and/or your entire supply chain.
  • O2 & other emissions — greenhouse gases emitted by you and your supply chain, as well as other types of emissions into the air that could be detrimental to air quality, including ozone depletion.
  • Materials — including waste and scrap, recycling materials, packaging, what you put into sewers and landfills.
  • Hazardous materials — including chemicals, substances and materials.
  • Natural resources — how you and your supply chain use water, for example, and how you relate to the natural habitats, your policies on species protection and so forth.
  • Building standards — Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

A.T. Kearney

Market Drivers

Customers Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Government IHS

Market Forces ModusLink

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Passing the Inflection Point

Understanding the Impact

Views on the End Game

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