2010 Green Supply Chain Awards

'Sustainability Becomes Strategic'

Green Supply Chain Enablers

BrightpointBrightpoint (brightpoint.com) has entered into an agreement with a company called Flipswap to offer cell phone recycling and trade-in service to Brightpoint customers throughout 26 European countries. The agreement also allows Brightpoint to perform a variety of supply chain services for Flipswap, including cell phone retrieval, inbound receipt and inspections, and picking, packing and shipping of devices. Since launching in 2005, Flipswap has facilitated the trade-in of more than 2 million cell phones, keeping the equivalent of 80 tons of solid waste – much of it toxic—out of landfills.

Cass Information Systems, Inc.Cass Information Systems, Inc. (cassinfo.com) provides solutions through the utilization of technology to obtain cost and processing efficiencies for its customers – and also to help its customers in meeting green supply chain goals. These solutions include accelerating the amount of electronic interchange between the customer, their freight carriers and Cass. The direct result is a significant reduction of paper transactions in the areas of shipping documents, billing (freight invoices), payment transactions, and information delivery. These are accomplished without sacrificing controls and accuracy.

DSC LogisticsDSC Logistics (dsclogistics.com) has made sustainability a core element of its supply chain strategy and part of its "Promise to Customers." ("We adopt practices that promote the responsible use of resources throughout our company and we align our efforts with your sustainability initiatives.") One of the underlying strategies used to execute on sustainability goals is the company's ongoing work with customers on Lean objectives and network design for greater efficiency. Results in these areas provide numerous combined benefits.

eZCom Software Inc.eZCom Software Inc. (ezcomsoftware.com) notes that the EPA's "The Lean and Green Supply Chain: A Practical Guide for Material Managers and Supply Chain Managers to Reduce Costs and Improve Environmental Performance" highlights that suppliers should incorporate tools that will increase data accuracy and processes that can be used to help reduce inventory and improve product cycle flow. eZCom offers a software-as-a-service (SaaS) EDI solution, Lingo, that enables suppliers to exchange business critical data such as orders, shipping manifests and inventory electronically, without paperwork, improving overall data accuracy and thus reducing inventory levels and product waste.

Global4PL Supply Chain ServicesGlobal4PL Supply Chain Services (global-4pl.com) believes it's all about efficiency. "Sometimes companies want to be greener but they can afford it," says Sergio Retamal, founder and president of Global4PL. "We simply need to help them achieve a greener supply chain while reducing their costs, which ensures sustainability of the projects." Global4PL has worked on optimization projects that cut the waste and movements of parts back and forth, as well as repackaging projects that reduce the space needed to move product, which means fewer trucks to move the same amount of product.

IHS Inc.IHS Inc. (ihs.com) advises that the past, present and future of Product Stewardship and Compliance – matters like RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals – each bring unexpected volatility upon otherwise natural supply and demand patterns. Benefits of rationalized, central supplier and parts portfolios are well documented. Achieving this internally, then adding transparency around materials used in a company's products, could be the difference between risk from undetected supply chain failures or reward from responsiveness to customers, consumers and regulatory authorities.

Image MicrosystemsImage Microsystems (imagemicrosystems.com) is a reverse logistics provider for IT and consumer electronics products. By using Image Microsystems for asset recovery and e-waste recycling, companies also ensure they stay true to their green supply chain mandates. Image Microsystems also invested several years of experimentation and millions of dollars to create a technology that, called MicroStrate, that transforms dirty e-waste plastic into a medium that can be compression molded and used in a variety of applications.

JDA Software Group, Inc.JDA Software Group, Inc. (jda.com) offers its Supply Chain Strategist (SCS) solution, which performs optimizations while considering carbon emissions, sustainability and associated constraints. While other tools and applications capture carbon emissions, SCS provides features to actively optimize supply chain networks with carbon emission constraints, carbon taxes and cap and trade structures. It is used in diverse industries, including discrete and process manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and logistics providers.

LOG-NET, Inc.LOG-NET, Inc. (log-net.com) offers free international, multi-modal supply chain tools that supply chain executives and educators use to understand how their decisions impact carbon emissions in a global supply chain. The company also stakes a claim as the first to provide a Web-based tool to perform large analytics of carbon creation on domestic and international supply chains.

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ModusLink Global Solutions (moduslink.com) has worked with some of the world's largest high-tech and consumer electronics companies on creating sustainable end-to-end value chains. ModusLink says its clients now use sustainability as a competitive and strategic advantage, saving money and allowing for enhanced flexibility within the supply chain through optimized configuration. The company's expertise in sustainability was utilized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) this past June to help determine global guidelines for sustainable packaging.

Murphy Warehouse CompanyMurphy Warehouse Company (murphywarehouse.com) is a 105-year-old, family business that takes a long-term perspective on sustainability. It started its sustainability program in the late 1980s with lighting retrofit programs, and it moved on to planting the first of four native prairies in 1994, and to solar power on roofs in 2010. Just one example of results: Murphy Warehouse greenhouse gas emissions are significantly lower than the national average for warehouses – as much as 87 percent lower.

OB10OB10 (OB10.com) is committed to driving paper out of the procure-to-pay process with its e-invoicing network that automates and streamlines back-office accounts payable procedures in a manner that is environmentally prudent. This also makes good financial sense because it reduces the errors associated with manual data entry processes and eliminates the related postage costs – which can be significant for global companies that produce millions of invoices each year. OB10 also launched an environmental program to recognize its customers who are taking significant steps to positively impact the environment by eliminating paper from their A/P processes.

Total Logistic Control (totallogistic.com) firmly believes that some of the best "green" achievements that it help its clients to achieve start with the design of the solution. To that end, TLC's staff of supply chain engineers use some of the latest and most advanced supply chain optimization tools available in the industry to choose the proper location for distribution centers and manufacturing locations across their supply chain, and use street-level route optimization and load consolidation software to help clients make more efficient deliveries with fewer trucks.

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