Supply Chain Disruptions Force Consumers Change Habits, Plans: Report

A new report from Oracle shows that consumers believe they will need to continually change plans due to the supply chain and also sever ties from favorite brands.

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Oracle released a new survey, asking United States consumers how they feel about the current supply chain crisis. Eighty-seven percent said they were negatively impacted this past year from the crisis with 60% forced to cancel orders and 80% had to cut ties with favorite brands. The survey shows that 91% of consumers consider the supply chain when purchasing today. However, before the pandemic only 45% said they had considered the delivery process when buying. 

Per Oracle

  • Supply chain disruptions have left people feeling frustrated (61%), impatient (46%), anxious (45%), and angry (34%). Nearly all (92%) are concerned that supply chain shortages will prevent them from being able to buy what they need, and 66 percent are worried it will ruin their holidays.
  • 82% of people are concerned that ongoing supply chain disruptions will ruin their life plans, such as birthdays, holidays, trips, and purchasing necessary items like school supplies.
  • 77% are more concerned now with the rise of the COVID-19 Delta variant.
  • 92% of people believe there will be more supply chain disruptions in the future, and two-thirds (66%) are scared that these issues will never end.