Demand Driven Distribution

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Ultriva's Demand Driven Distribution helps you manage finished goods inventory in a dynamic, efficient, and real-time environment to keep pace with market demand. The Demand Driven Distribution lets you control the flow of inventory between your customers, dealers, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants. Our solution will also help you align your fulfillment processes with consumption patterns. You will gain visibility, see stock-out risk alerts, and understand material availability at each customer or distribution center. Analytics will help you determine the right product mix at finished goods inventory position or distribution center.

What should you expect?

  • Increased on-time delivery
  • Greater flexibility to respond to changes in demand
  • Dramatically improve fill rates
  • 30-60% reduction in inventories
  • Easy integration to all of your customers various business systems
  • Pro-active, exception based alerts versus reactive fire fighting
  • Automation of best in class supply chain processes instead of ineffective manual transactions
  • Guaranteed ROI and reduced total supply chain costs
  • 4-6 week implementation period
  • Low implementation costs utilizing SaaS platform
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