Dachser Mexico to Expand Warehouse Facility in Querétaro

Dachser Mexico announces it is expanding its bonded warehouse facility located in Parque el Marqués at Querétaro, one of Mexico’s key manufacturing hubs


Dachser Mexico announces it is expanding its bonded warehouse facility located in Parque el Marqués at Querétaro, one of Mexico’s key manufacturing hubs. Addressing the growing needs of the market, this new state-of-the-art facility launched October 1.

Considered the crown jewel of the Bajio manufacturing region, Querétaro’s main manufacturing industries include automotive assembly, auto parts, aerospace and household appliances. The region touts a highly skilled manufacturing workforce of more than 176,000 people employed by over 1,300 companies in the region. Querétaro’s central location gives it access to more than 45 million people within a 350-kilometer radius. 

“As Mexico’s manufacturing sector continues to grow, we are elevating our investment in the market to ensure supply chain fluidity in the region. Our goal is to help our customers maximize the potential Mexico has to offer,” said Edgardo Hamon, Managing Director, Dachser Mexico. “This newly expanded bonded warehouse facility in Querétaro will provide a competitive advantage to companies of all sizes and demonstrates Dachser Mexico’s continued commitment to the growth of this vital economic region.” 

Utilizing Mikado, Dachser’s proprietary global warehouse management system, this expanded best-in-class bonded warehouse facility is equipped to support the manufacturing sector as well as other industries. It will offer 4,000 square meters of total warehouse space with an electrical sub-station on premises. It will also provide a wide variety of enhanced service capabilities as well as a competitive end-to-end solutions portfolio.

Some of these enhanced services include vendor managed inventory (VMI) system capabilities that enable customers to quickly replenish inventory without disruption. Also, safe storage is a top priority, as the site is also outfitted for the storage and handling of dangerous goods in accordance with compliance regulations. It is equipped with state-of-the-art fire alarm systems to ensure safe storage conditions.

Further, container yard services offer customers flexible storage solutions along with full and transparent access. Other services include UVA labeling with pick-and-pack outbound shipment services, process optimization from sender-to-buyer with extended distribution cut-off times and warehouse pick-up times. Moreover, the facility will be able to assist customers in meeting the dynamic challenges faced in their supply chains by providing flexible response times caused by seasonal and irregular demands.

"These investments are needed not only to boost support for our customers, but to also provide speed, reliability and simplicity in the supply chain to this economically important region," added Mr. Hamon. "Leveraging Dachser’s global footprint and extensive network, Dachser Mexico will continue to invest in warehouse and distribution solutions that support seamless logistics benefitting our customers while reducing complexity."

With more than 170 warehouses worldwide and over two million pallet spaces, Dachser offers its customers comprehensive supply chain solutions throughout the globe. As Dachser Mexico increases its presence in the area, businesses will have greater ability to reach more of their customers and markets.