Pre-Engineered Robotic Carton Clamp Tool Ready to be Used Out of the Box

Piab’s solution ensures reliability along with minimal maintenance.

Carton Clamp Tool

This standard clamp tool is designed to increase your efficiency and decrease production time. The carton clamp tool EOAT is pre-engineered and one-of-a-kind in the industry; it’s simple to set up and allows for multiple configurations and accessories. It’s the perfect tool for handling boxes, crates, and trays and has a payload of up to 50kg/110bs (with Lift Assist). The tool is designed to meet nearly all your palletizing needs, so ultimately your robot can do more and you do less.

Piab’s solution ensures reliability along with minimal maintenance.  It is truly plug n play set up.  The clamping width is adjustable from 250mm to 625mm.  There are part present sensors to ensure the product is handled safely every time.  A stable grip is assured with the high friction clamp plates made of a rubber lining.

To complete the clamp tool to your own specifications, there are several options.  A valve package can be configured for either discrete I/O or Ethernet for your communication requirements.  A lift assist option provides additional support and faster robotic movements, it increases your payload by 10 kg.  There is a robot mounting riser so the robot can extend its reach higher or lower depending on the pallet height and placement.  A teach pointer allows the robot to reference auxiliary equipment.  The pallet hook option allows the tool to pick and place pallets of various types.  The pallet hook and slip sheet system allows for managing the pallets and pick and place slip sheets between the layers with Piab COAX® vacuum technology and suction cups.