Circular Economy Starts Local

Since globalization created numerous disruption in the supply chain and sustainability, it's no surprise a new local program from MBOLD coalition launches a circular economy for flexible films.

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General Mills, Schwan’s Company, Target, Ecolab, Cargill, Land O’Lakes, Inc. and the University of Minnesota collaborate on a circular economy endeavor, under their MBOLD Coalition, that focuses on flexible films in the Upper Midwest. Working with film recycler Myplas USA, Inc. and film manufacturer Charter Next Generation, the new ecosystem will drive recycling of film, helping the supply of recycled resin for use in new products. This type of circular economy will help drive sustainability in the Minnesota supply chain, reducing emissions and eliminating waste. The MBOLD Coalition was created in 2020 and consists of leaders in retail, food and research to brainstorm on new strategies to combat climate change and other sustainable issues. 

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  • With investment from MBOLD members and other stakeholders, Myplas USA will establish a state-of-the-art flexible film recycling plant in Minnesota, its first in the U.S. Slated to begin operations in spring 2023, this new 170,000-square-foot mechanical recycling plant aims to recycle nearly 90 million pounds of low- and high-density polyethylene packaging and film annually at full capacity.
  • The U.S. uses 12-15 billion pounds of flexible packaging and films annually, including select food packaging, shopping bags, shrink wrap, pallet wrap, e-commerce mailers, lawn and garden bags, and hay bale wrap, among many other products. However, only an estimated five percent of flexible films used in the U.S. are recycled each year, with the rest being landfilled, incinerated or even released into the environment.
  • Building demand for recycled polyethylene resin is also key to a thriving circular economy. To that end, Charter Next Generation will purchase recycled resin from Myplas for use in a variety of food, industrial and healthcare film products. MBOLD members Cargill, General Mills, Schwan’s Company, Land O’Lakes and the University of Minnesota will evaluate potential product applications using recycled resin with Charter Next Generation. Land O’Lakes, Cargill, Schwan’s Company and the University of Minnesota will explore opportunities to direct film waste to Myplas USA for recycling once the plant is operational.