Digital River Offers Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Multi-Channel Online Distribution Program

Solution will drive sales from product presale through liquidation

Minneapolis—Aug. 11, 2011—Digital River, Inc., a provider of global e-commerce solutions, has added a Multi-Channel Optimization Program to its enterprise Global Commerce solution. The program helps consumer electronics manufacturers maximize sales from product presale through liquidation by taking a multi-channel approach to online expansion, distribution and pricing. Using a lifecycle management approach for an ongoing business challenge that many consumer electronics manufacturers face, the program provides access to outlet stores, affiliates, asset recovery partners and other established open and closed networks.


“Gone are the days when your only option for refurbished, b-stock and end-of-life products was liquidation,” said Tom Donnelly, Digital River’s president and chief operating officer. “Our Multi-Channel Optimization program offers consumer electronics manufacturers an ideal way to re-channel their products based on where the product is in its lifecycle – and it accomplishes this without risking profits, channel harmony, brand control and their customer relationships.” 


To help lower costs and speed time-to-market on a global basis, the Digital River Multi-Channel Optimization program includes a variety of a la carte channel integrations, including:

  • A Where-To-Buy solution that minimizes the risks and up-front costs involved in entering emerging markets;
  • Outlet Store solutions that offer alternatives for selling end-of-life, refurbs, returns, as-is and b-stock;
  • An eBay solution that provides easy access to the eBay public marketplace and structured participation, including search optimization, catalog compliance and top-rated seller management;
  • An Online Warranty solution that enables up-selling of warranties with physical good sales and simplifies fulfillment by enabling repair charges online;
  • An Intelligent Multi-Channel Pricing solution that helps identify the most efficient price point across active channels, as well as suggestions for the right promotions at each stage of the product lifecycle; and
  • A Worry-Free Special Purchase solution that uses authenticated shopping and purchase limit tools to support private marketplaces.

For more information, visit the corporate website.