Redspher Signs a Global Partnership with Shippeo

In order to meet shippers' ever-increasing need for reliable and instantly accessible information on the transport of their goods, Redspher has joined forces with Shippeo.

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In order to meet shippers' ever-increasing need for reliable and instantly accessible information on the transport of their goods, Redspher has joined forces with Shippeo.

Thanks to Shippeo's technology, Redspher's customers will be able to see the status of their shipments at any time and access a predictive estimated time of arrival for better management of delivery disruptions or delays.

Faced with a fragmented transport market, shipping companies often do not have reliable data on their transport flows, even though they can anticipate unforeseen events and delivery delays.

During the Covid-19 crisis, global supply chains were severely disrupted. Although shipments are usually scheduled months in advance during normal times, the current context has made any planning difficult. In these times, the use of on demand transport for shippers has become increasingly crucial as the need for flexibility and responsiveness has grown sharply.

The Redspher Group, a recognised specialist in on demand transport, has been working for many years on the digitalization of the logistics sector in order to offer shippers a transparent, safe and high-quality freight service. Often urgent or unforeseen, the stakes in on demand transport are high and require the guarantee of a flexible, fast transport service that allows shippers to follow the precise routing of their goods.

By signing a partnership with Shippeo, Redspher will be able to provide all carriers who do not use its own intelligent tracking solution for shippers (the free Easy2Trace application) with an efficient and reliable service for tracking deliveries.

Having been on the market since 2014, European specialist Shippeo takes an innovative approach to road transport traceability and has developed a real-time and predictive tracking platform leveraging artificial intelligence that makes it possible to streamline and optimize shipment management.

A complete tracking solution covering all the transport companies in the Redspher network, whatever their size or IT systems.

Redspher has been offering its Easy2Trace vehicle tracking and fleet management application free of charge to its carriers for a number of years to facilitate and automate communication between carriers and shippers (load confirmation, downloading of the consignment note, sharing of specific instructions, etc.).

As some carriers in its network have existing on-board IT solutions, Redspher has chosen to partner with Shippeo to allow full coverage of its transport operations. Thanks to the Shippeo platform, which connects with over 90% of the onboard IT systems in Europe, each Redspher shipment can be tracked efficiently: offering precise calculation of arrival times and proactive customer alerts to inform of hazards.

Thanks to Shippeo predictive technology, compatible with all carrier telematics systems, Redspher rounds out its vehicle tracking service offering and responds effectively to the needs of shippers, who demand flexibility and transparency from their on-demand transportation.

"On demand transport is based on deadline management and transparency of information. Thanks to Shippeo's advanced technology, which can be adapted to all carriers with a telematics system, we can homogenize our vehicle tracking service and respond effectively to shippers' needs”, Philippe Higelin, CEO of Redspher, says.