Women in Trucking Association Announces Partnership with Espyr to Support Professional Driver Health

WIT to provide drivers 90 days free Espyr behavioral health support programs.

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Women in Trucking Association (WIT) and Espyr, the leading provider of customized behavioral health solutions, have announced a partnership to support professional driver health. The partnership will provide truck drivers who are members of WIT with 90 days free access to Espyr’s Fit to Pass coaching program and iResolve, Espyr’s CDL Driver Support Hotline.

America depends on the trucking industry to provide food, medical supplies and other essential goods despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even in normal times, truck driving can be taxing on driver’s physical and mental health. Add the impacts of COVID-19 – fear of contagion, closed restaurants, limited availability of restrooms and showers – and the toll on drivers’ health is substantial.

Espyr’s Fit to Pass is a customized coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers and help them meet the physical requirements of the DOT recertification exam. iResolve is a tele-mental health solution that provides immediate support for driver mental health and work-life related issues. Drivers and their family members can speak with an Espyr mental health professional without an appointment and without waiting.

Espyr’s professional driver health services will be provided to all current WIT members who are drivers thanks to the generosity of Amazon. “Our concern is for the nation’s drivers who have to cope with the added challenges brought on by COVID-19 on a daily basis and need the support these programs can provide,” said Chris Heine, Amazon’s Director of Transportation and WIT Board member. “Drivers have always kept America moving. Now more than ever we need to care for them like they care for the products they haul.” 

“We are so pleased to be able to provide this much needed support to our driver members,” said Ellen Voie, President and CEO of WIT. “Professional drivers are among the many unsung heroes helping us to live through these difficult times and we’re very grateful to Amazon for providing the funding for these programs.”

“Thank you, WIT and Amazon, for helping us support professional driver health,” adds Rick Taweel, CEO of Espyr. “While COVID-19 has created a mental health strain for everyone, the impact on professional drivers is especially significant because we all rely on them for the essentials of every