Wal-Mart Suppliers Tap webMethods

Use provider's integration platform to meet Wal-Mart's requirement for EDI over the Internet

Use provider's integration platform to meet Wal-Mart's requirement for EDI over the Internet

Fairfax, VA — August 13, 2003 — Integration software provider webMethods Inc. today announced that several Wal-Mart suppliers, including Abbott Labs, Adobe, Black & Decker, Dan River and Panasonic, have moved into production with their integration to Wal-Mart, using the required electronic data interchange over the Internet (EDIINT) AS2 standard. Additionally, they are deploying webMethods' integration platform to meet Wal-Mart's deadline for EDIINT.

"The webMethods Integration Platform deployment was beneficial for Dan River," said Tony Bender, vice president of Information Systems, Dan River Inc. "An early benefit is a reduction in VAN-related charges, and we fully expect those savings to multiply as the volume of transactions increase over time."

Already a webMethods customer, Adobe said its implementation of EDI over the Internet was an easy process. In a short amount of time, the company achieved electronic transactions with Wal-Mart via the EDIINT AS2 standard, which meets the Wal-Mart requirements and provides the company with a foundation for future EDIINT implementations.

Additionally, Bill Gerst, director of WorldWide PowerTools eBusiness, Black & Decker Inc., said his company is now using the integration platform with other existing trading partners to further reduce EDI expenses and to enable new relationships with partners that do not have access to a traditional VAN.

In March 2003, webMethods said it received the Drummond Group's certification for Interoperability for the fourth consecutive time. Additionally, the provider has recently passed the interoperability test for AS1, with the Drummond Group, ensuring secure EDI communication via Simple Mail Transport Protocol or e-mail.