Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Launches U.S. Services

German 3PL sees promise in integrating customer's domestic supply chain with international operations

German 3PL sees promise in integrating customer's domestic supply chain with international operations

Miami — August 1, 2005 — Hellmann Worldwide Logistics has launched its domestic operations beginning June 1, providing door-to-door delivery within the United States and the potential for the 3PL's customers to integrate their domestic supply chain with their international operations.

Hamburg, Germany-based Hellmann said its U.S. domestic operation should open up opportunities for the company within the $11 trillion U.S. market. More specifically, the 3PL believes the new operation will allow Hellmann to serve small, midsize and Fortune 500 companies and to penetrate such targeted industries as trade shows, apparel and electronics businesses, among others.

"This was the piece that Hellmann was missing to become a full service provider," said Frank Scheibner, president and CEO of Hellmann USA. "We wanted to offer our customers the broadest portfolio of transportation and logistics services available from a single source. The plan is to offer our domestic clients the same speed, flexibility and quality service that we provide our international customers."

Headquartered in Miami, Fla., the domestic operation is supported by a newly created National Service Center (NSC) based in Seattle, Wash. The center acts as a customer service support hub for Hellmann's 18 branches as well as for those cities where the company does not have offices.

The NSC is equipped with an IT technology platform designed to provide real-time shipment tracking via the Internet, as well as electronic billing through a partnership with an unidentified IT company.

"The NSC is a focal point in establishing a competitive advantage in the domestic market," said Brian McConaghy, vice president of domestic operations at Hellmann USA. "By centralizing the operation, we are able to offer synergy, speed and accuracy, as well as support to all the cities where today Hellmann is not physically present, thus allowing us to reach every corner of the [United States] in real time."

Services to be offered in the U.S. market include next flight out, next business day, second business day, deferred three-five business day, and delivery deadline service.

"We see an immediate advantage for our existing customers as well as potential customers to have access to a single logistics and IT platform from which they base their supply chain needs," said McConaghy.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics operates a global logistics network from 341 cities in 134 countries, and the company employs more than 15,000 worldwide.

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