Trex Finds Use for Packaging Waste Reuse

Trex Company helps reduce waste from packaging with a new program that encourages consumers to dispose of verified packaging into branded bins, to be turned into new Trex products.


Instead of tapping the supply chain for raw materials, Trex Company looks to consumers. As part of its new NexTrex Retail Recycling Program, Trex works with retailers to verify that the latter's product packaging can be used for decking products. Once verified and the partnership established, the brand's product will incorporate the Trex recyicling logo, informing the consumer to dispose of the packaging in NexTrex bin at participating retailers. 

Per Trex: 

  • Unlike other recycling labels, the NexTrex label is available at no cost to brands whose packaging has been tested and verified as acceptable for recycling into high-performance Trex decking, which is made from more than 95% recycled material. Trex also will work with brand owners and companies to encourage promotion and participation at the retail level by positioning NexTrex bins and signage in stores to drive awareness and engagement in the plastic drop-off program.
  • To qualify for the certified NexTrex label, product packaging must first be tested to ensure that it meets the criteria for use in the Trex manufacturing process. Packaging designers, producers and brand owners can simply send in a packaged product sample and Trex will provide them with a comprehensive report assessing three areas for acceptance:  package/film recyclability, affect/risk of product contamination and affect/risk of non-recyclable “look-a-like” package contamination, so that they can make adjustments as needed to meet recyclability standards and/or select appropriate recycling methods.