SAP Ariba Integrates with Givewith Platform, Enabling Buyers and Suppliers to Drive Social Impact Through B2B Transactions

Companies on the Ariba Network can now embed social impact into their RFP process to fund nonprofit programs aligned with corporate sustainability goals.


Today’s leading businesses focus on more than just efficiency and profit. Demonstrating positive social impact is also increasingly top of mind. To help companies achieve their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability goals, SAP Ariba has partnered with social impact technology company, Givewith.

Givewith is now available as an application extension in the SAP App Center, enabling companies connected to the Ariba Network to embed social impact programs directly into their sourcing and procurement processes to fund nonprofit organizations.

As a member of the SAP PartnerEdge program, Givewith’s solutions are now available within SAP Ariba, the B2B network in the world, which facilitates more than $2.9 trillion in commerce annually. The integration between Givewith and SAP Ariba presents buyers and suppliers on the Ariba Network with a unique opportunity to collaborate and potentially generate billions in funding for nonprofits, while driving additional business value, including improved consumer sentiment, increased investor interest and confidence, and higher employee retention.

“If just 8% of the nearly $3 trillion dollars transacted by buyers and suppliers across the Ariba Network included Givewith, we would generate over $3 billion dollars in funding for nonprofits,” said Paul Polizzotto, Givewith’s founder and CEO. “As we look to tackle some of today’s most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges, we see SAP Ariba as a strong partner in unleashing the power of business transactions as an agent for social change. Together, we’re elevating the role of procurement by turning sourcing into a key component of the company’s larger business and CSR strategies.”

Sean Thompson, SVP, business network & ecosystems for SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass, says its customers are constantly seeking ways to add business value through their supply chain and procurement operations. “Our partnership with Givewith brings tremendous value to our customers by making it easier than ever to advance social impact and CSR initiatives through day-to-day procurement operations,” he said. “This integration promises companies an ease, accessibility and scale of corporate giving that is unique and beneficial in so many ways.”

Buyers and Suppliers Drive Social Impact

Buyers on the Ariba Network can now subscribe to the Givewith platform, which analyzes companies’ sustainability and CSR performance data to identify nonprofit programs in the Givewith network that are aligned with the company’s goals. The buyer can then select their preferred nonprofit programs and add this content into their existing RFP process using SAP Ariba Sourcing to request that the supplier allocate a percentage of the transaction to one of the pre-vetted nonprofit programs. Suppliers can then choose to support one of the buyer’s nonprofits of choice in the RFP response.

Suppliers can also subscribe to the Givewith platform and add social impact to any RFP response. This enables them to create unique social impact opportunities as part of their sales proposals to differentiate from competitors and generate new business value for themselves and their clients.

Once a deal is finalized, and the buyer and supplier confirm the nonprofit program they’ve agreed to fund, Givewith facilitates the funding and reports the precise impacts achieved. Givewith provides companies with reporting data to send to key stakeholders, including the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) rating and reporting agencies. Additionally, Givewith provides a library of high-quality, audience-specific storytelling and reporting content assets for companies to showcase their social impact both internally and externally.

Both SAP Ariba and Givewith are committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Givewith’s collective nonprofit funding opportunities advance all 17 of the UN SDGs, and companies can easily see exactly which SDGs are advanced through their specific program’s funding.

As an SAP Global Services Partner program participant, Deloitte played an instrumental role in the integration of Givewith’s technology into SAP Ariba, expanding on the organization’s successful history of deploying SAP Ariba integrations and bringing innovative solutions to their clients.

“As a purpose-led organization, we believe all businesses should be drivers of positive social change,” said Frederic Girardeau-Montaut, managing director and global SAP intelligent spend market offering leader for Deloitte Consulting LLP. "There's growing evidence that sustainable, socially-conscious companies outperform their peers, which is why social innovation will be key to success over the coming years."

For more information, go to Givewith Enterprise on the SAP App Center